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  1. Made you look 2010 called they want their app back
  2. Funny I read imf’s wall and I see shock bot been stripped numerous times as well as most of tangra...Cheechee, incu girl...a couple traitors got theirs lol kerokero...I remember when he use to visit the clan that stripped him big Dave ...idk what hte clan I was in with him years ago but I just always knew not to trust him lol...HLNEO leaves indi war for osw and guess it didn’t work out . I don’t miss this app one bit but it sure is funny to login here and there and see stuff like this
  3. Oh and chaos reborn isn’t apoc...I saw that coming a mile away a year ago ...maybe longer
  4. Surprised sucker punch is still #1 be clan in the game ...I always figured one day they would mistake be hunters for clan loyal members and step on the wrong toes and get destroyed ...maybe next time I login that will have happened but not today ...

    Carnage in wdgaf ...yeah I mean after the beat down they took for years was only a matter of time before they found a way to ...if you can’t beat them join them.
  5. Are round wars really new?...that was the worst style of war back when shadow hansels was a thing ...remember that clan that thought they were something ...rising hawks... lol
  6. Teja ever make a return?...prob

    Red star ? Those clowns back at it?


    I kid loada

    Lucky charms?


    Where these guys at?
  7. Any pwars I can join with max osf/oaf?
  8. #ModsLeak never forget

    #Yarmses out with you block out
  9. Pwars haven't been a thing in ages
  10. Seriously though ..why did we never get a 2nd eb in the ZTA monster?....sure we got that 10 seal eb garbage ...but you couldn’t come up with a $15-$20 version of zta?...had to jump right to $50?
  12. Round wars dont exist anymore.
  13. Good sis just carried the whole thread herself 
  14. Okay, who’s the main hiding behind the alt?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.