Magenta Manticores: Thanks for the Memories ️

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  1. Lol this clown can't talk enough about this stupid system war.....hey I looked at my kaw device non stop for 3 days....yes you are a "winner"
    It was funny when fraud trolled another apoc's thread once and Mary had to correct him 

    No support
  2. Please frog don't partipcate in the next ASW. Then it would actually be a fare fight between everyone.:)
  3. You dont need to charge a fare to fight you already have to buy crystals.
  4. Suport 
  5. Fantastic thread to end the year Frog! I do certainly agree, this year's ASW was clearly one of the most fun, intense, challenging and stressful of all the years before! For ASW #6, I hope to see more improvement;

    -no reshuffling of clans as this year

    It was stressful to wait an additional 2 hours, at the start due to server issues. We understand they cannot be avoided, but I hope they never happen again.

    -new achievements skins, no re-hash

    'Nuff said.

    -improved rewards as Frog & Kezzer mentioned (Hell, another super bowl ring!)

    The ASW has always been a bridge from the past to the present. While current wars such as: Estoc seasons, Chaos wars, primals and LL wars do test a players persistence/knowledge of the game. The ASW quantifies this and is probably the most difficult tournament in today's modern Kaw.

    Fairer rewards are ideal for those who dedicated the time+effort and were triumphant. Poor rewards, are cheap. While from the start, the ASW didn't offer trinkets. Today's Kaw is different and is a slap to the face for those who stood the test of time to win. Sure, the prestige is great (stars). Alas, even a mere ring with zero stats would of been more appreciated, since the stars expire after all.

    Nevertheless, as Kaw continues to grow - the ASW should as well. If I recall, this year we had a little over 1,000 top 10k overall kawers join us for the fun! Hope to see many familiar faces next year for 2016!

    Cheers to Magenta Manticores!
    Hope everyone enjoys the countdown till the new year. :)

    P.s. - will spam email devs about an additional war slot for Asian/Australian players. This has been something inquired about all year. Another time slot, wouldn't hurt!
  6. I am finally top 10k after years of trying, I am hyped to participate in the next ASW!
  7. Good Post . I'm gonna farm you in next ASW to make sure you don't win 4 . RIBBIT
  8. Lol gotta love Chubby's jelly

    What did you do this year besides being stripped a dozen time? ( twice by me)
  10. I wonder if you would've done the same if you had lost. Im waiting for everyone in asw to wish their fellow teammates happy new year via a thread. Cmon gold griffins wish your team a happy new year.
  11. @ Chinese

    Of course I would have. Lol happy new year to all ASW vets.
  12. You guys barely beat us in round two. Our LB was inactive and he was cr1. And you guys resorted to stripping Inactive Ps. Grats on your win, months ago lol.
  13. @saberwulf

    I don't want to be trash talking any clan here, but let's not go around making excuses or saying one inactive was the reason you guys lost by 200B.

    I don't want to disrespect any Centaur in any way, so I'll just post the actual score and let the public decide if we "barely beat you".

  14. You are really proud of this.
  15. Support
  16. did frog win the all star war??

    I've never heard about it
  17. Sounds about right
  18. Little nooby builds probably don't know much about ASW. It's like asking a two year old to give their opinion on foreign policy.