Magenta Manticores: Thanks for the Memories ️

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  1. Hello mates. Just a short thread to wish all of my Magenta Manticores a happy new year.

    A lot happened in kaw 2015, ( I probably spent 3 months of the year playing it) but for me the year highlight was the 18 hours of the All Star War. It was a great thrill in each war seeing us lose for the first 5 1/2 hours then be treated to a sea of green in the last 20 minutes.

    Our strategy worked because everyone swallowed their egos, believed in the system, and showed tremendous discipline. You are all deserving champions, and that's why I am not going to name specific names here, but thank you all as a group. We are, after all, a team.

    For me I have two special highlights. First was the end of the first war. Many were still unsure of the strategy, especially since there was only 26 min left and we were still way behind. Then when our last two xstals dropped, I loved seeing the pure excitement as we almost instantaneously pulled even then ended winning by a big margin. Your vote of confidence after the war lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

    Next was the the final 10 minutes of the very last war. We were hardened warriors by then, as we all knew victory was ours. It was 6 am here in Japan then. I was tired yet felt the adrenaline rushing through all the same. I remember peeping into World Chat with about 6 minutes yet. Lots were commenting that it was "so close", and a "nail biter". They of course could not see the wall of green we were seeing. One guy wrote "Frog will be impossible to shut up if he wins", to which I replied with a big thumbs up emoji. Was one of the biggest WC laughs I got in 2015.

    Much of society likes to trivialize accomplishments done in video games, claiming they are not part of "real life" and are thus meaningless. However I couldn't be happier at that moment than if I had won some football game or scored a big contract at work. Thanks once again to all the Manticores for giving me this beautiful KAW memory.

    As for next year? To tell the truth, I've been down on Kaw because of the devs refusal to give decent war times to Asians. ATA just doesn't seem to want my business. While I doubt I will be around for the next one, good luck to all the Manticores trying for a repeat.

    P.S. One final call out to the devs. It is a grave injustice that the awards for the ASW were reduced this year to nothing but a badge and some stars. It should have been at least equal to on of your silly promos. This atrocity shows you value our wallets far more than you value our skills as players, which is a shame and will ultimately hurt the game in the long run. ️
  2. A Thanks also to Chaos for convincing the devs to continue having The ASW.
  3. ASW is a battle between the most powerful players of the games and the majority of those that are able to take part are players who keep kaw going. Better rewards would be great especially seeing as the amount of cash they can grab from ASW is pretty huge.

    First round: 200 players per team, 8 teams, 6 xtals max per player. That's $9600 just from the first round.

    Second round: $4800

    Third round $2400

    Overall $16800

    Make it worthwhile.
  4. Jesus not another I thought we were over this.
  5. I do agree though that asw needs rewards like a promo or better.
  6. Who exactly is "we"?

    I was just thinking back about my best 2015 memories, and decided to give my Manticore clannies a year end thank you. No need to crap your panties over it.

    BTW, as an Apoc member, you should know better than to troll fellow Apoc.
  7. "Much of society likes to trivialize accomplishments done in video games"

    Well rightly so on this case its 99 percent activity 1 percent skill, seems you stayed up all night tapping repeatedly and are trying to justify it to yourself. If you want to play something to this extent, at least play a game where the highest level gets payed instead of paying.
  8. strategy counts in asw. you look like you wouldn't know a thing about wars anyways so why bother commenting on this thread
  9. There is a lot of strategy in kaw honestly. Sure you tap a button and have little impact on what actually happens but that's kinda the whole idea. Your kingdom is run by you. You give the orders and don't fight so it all comes down to simple maths really.

    The skill in kaw is knowing the decision to make not carrying out that decision like in other games.
  10. @ supereffective

    Got to love human nature. Something compels certain people to make absolute idiots of themselves by commenting on things they know nothing about.
  11. "Human nature" as you so eloquently put it means that you are blinded by the belief that you are right; and immediately discount opposing views because you fear what it means for you if you are wrong. Also if you want to discount my view out of hand, dont pull the "you know nothing", I've seen this game and many others evolve over 6+ years. There are easier, cheaper and more fun games to gain the gratification you desire.
  12. Thank you Frog glad to see this still go on.

    Happy new year everyone!!!
  13. Congratulations frog ! You are like the biggest role model kaw has to offer :)
  14. Respect frog  Happy new year manticores
  15. Respect to all you guys as well. Have a great 2016 inside and outside KaW. 
  16. Frog was running low on attention going into a new year so he had to remind himself how great he was.

    Just ask him. He's great.
  17. As I said at the time. The amount of time and effort put into ASW was mental.
    I still think that and it's crazy that so many dedicated so many hours non stop to this game.
    But full credit for those who did and had a good time doing so.
    I wouldn't and like some others I felt frog at the time went a little hyper on forums with so many threads.
    The but?
    I actually enjoyed two of the threads and found one especially a great read.
    If this had been anyone else thread reflecting back on 2015 I doubt this would have made anyone make a negative post. The fact it's frog reflecting upon his moment of kaw glory, people are quick to criticise.

    So manticore well done. You are all crazy in my opinion. You deserved to win as a team.
    And nice to see someone reflecting on 2015 with fond memories.
    Best wishes to all for 2016.
  18. People dedicate lots of time to many things that are not tech-related. I'm a light drinker and don't gamble or overeat. Don't see how gaming is worse than these.