Machines and kaw

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    1. I have been at battle for a while. I would like to have a cf. I battled machines without taking the time to discover that not all machines are kotfe. To the machines. I talk a lot of smack in this game, sometimes a bit over. My apology to the machines. In the future, I will be more sure of my targets. I did not realize not all were kotfe. No machine will see me in WC smack talking them. I look forward to cf with machines, get back to kotfe. 😋
  1. Weak... I have never asked for a CF. Return the inc and make allies. 0.o
  2. who are you?
  3. Cf granted from machines.
  4. [​IMG]
    Y'all are a ki on this game I swear!😂They really had you make a whole thread
  5. When you say "get back with kotfe" did you really even start?

    Shame your mouth doesnt match your stats then you might actually be an interesting target

    So while we patiently wait for to actually grow (speed it up will you please growth is easy these days) just remember, while you are irrelevant and just a little flea that pops up every time there is a new moon ...

    you wont ever revieve a cf off KotFE

    I look forwards to the day you can live up to your two years of mouthing 😴👍
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  6. CF denied
  7. Not surprised to see the Fachines hitting some small player. No support
  8. You know, this game was built by hitting ppl. OSW’s was the best. I lost interest after Zaft died. The fun of “the big wars” was gone. I farm now. I get farmed back. Don’t care. EB suck. Not going to stop. Well, when I get on. You want to make this game fun again, real fun. Go out and build some farming clans or war clans just to cause chaos. Attack some of the big clans. Get into their news feed! Burn some gold. I’m trying lol. Don’t even get hit back much. Hit me, I’ll farm ya back. It’s just how the original game was made. Btw never, never ask for a CF dude.