Lure of the Hive - The Shifting Swarm (Updated)

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. This events are fair for both attacker or hansel. Hornet drop rate so fair. Why u says dev gives benefits for Hansel?!
  2. Thanks a lot DEVS for making the hornets harder to catch. Now it's harder to get swarms and get our goals for the rings. This promo just hit rock bottom.
  3. Really leobuzz ? how much psi u have ? Ring ? All I guess.
  4. Read all post. Why ONLY spy builds its satisfied whit this event? Maybe devs answer ..... never lol
  5.  why don't i get a ring? Im single so no wedding ring and no kaw ring 
  6. and there it is, you runined this once again, you made Hornets drop from HtE. Money hungry beggers
  7. How is this ruining anything the people who Pay to play are supporting freeloaders like myself.

    Thanks you all who pay to play so I can enjoy this great game!
  8. ️ here's a spy who not getting any psi...I'm hoping to get enough for 1 ring, the drone ring...the only ring I think that matters to my build-which is good cause the epic ring just ain't dropping. Basically, get what you can, and don't's not like anyone needs all 3 rings maxed anyway...
  9. wow ironic how all attacks builds complain hansels have advantage during this when attack builds get the advantage every other time. Smh someone will always complain
  10. Ok seriously. This is the last time I'll ask. Heck I'll even beg. Please increase the base psion drop. I've gotten 25 once, 5 about 45 times. I've always been able to reach my goals in previous events with a little determination and a lot of activity. At the beginning of this event i was hopeful to enchant my rings. Now that its twice as hard to collect a swarm, I'm doubting I'll hit 550. Please devs?
  11. Footch, lets do the math, 45*5 = 225 +55 = 270 in about 5, 6 days? with 15 days to go you'll have like 1000 psion at the end. most likely more as you'll get a 100 + drop at least once

  12. hit submit by accident…

  13. Since they changed drop rate of hornets your math is completely wrong going forward.

    Shoo shoo
  14. Can we have better drops,instead of the shitty 5 drop thats is so ****..en common like its so hard to upgrade with just a 5 psion drop rate
  15. You managed to get a swarm ring and you're seriously going to complain about the psion drops? :roll: :|
  16. What good are the rings if you cant get the psion to enchant it, huh? psion drops are shitty anyways all you get is 5 and its over 500 for each ring sooooooooooooo
  17. My alt just got 105 soooooooo.....
  18. I'd takes ring over my pile of 0 psion anyday
  19. I've still yet to get a ring
  20. How about a mithril sale? Unlimited mithril for sale like you guys did before.