LSA Elite vs. LayDee Luck

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Jaccu, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. Well, the OSW is in full swing between LSA and LayDee Luck.

    So from what I heard, it all started when LSA Elite's clan leader, OmegaLSA decided to come to LayDee's to seal. No problem, except that he started insulting the other clan members that were online. After his seal was up, -LayDee-, Laydee Luck's clan leader, demanded him to leave, OmegaLSA left, and blabbed
    to his clan members, and LayDee Luck started recieving inc from failed scout bombs, thus starting the war.

    Nothimg from LayDee at the moment, except there were a few moles that popped in.

    If any strips come up, post the amount here so I can identify it. :)

    Peace out KaW!

  2. This would have been better if you left out the middle paragraph. Or made something up.
  3. You just started this account minutes ago, how do you know what's going around in kaw? Sounds suspicious to me
  4. Doesn't surprise me.
  5. From the wording and vocabulary used, I would say this is an alt from laydee's side
  6. Bored watches paint dry
  7. Is it my imagination or omega always messing with eb clans?
  8. they probably want attention :lol:
  9. HTE clan versus an established OSW cult?

  10. An OSW starts from scout bomb fails? You got to be kidding. Don't have to much fun scouting now (Who in the hell fails scouts????)
  11. Me me! I fail scouts! Me me me!
  12. You have a lot to learn about pvp lol
  13. Ooooooooooooooh
  14. I have a lot to learn hmmm? From what I remember when P3 was made, I helped them with their pvp But good try.
  15. This gonna be good y'all 
  16. I dont see what that has to do with questioning the use of fail scouts which is a great use to weaken or help sit on a large spy by removing all their spy strength so much smaller spies can easily sit, but again that does seem pretty useless
  17. Girls, girls.

    You're both pretty.
  18. Why start an osw over that? A few hits? That's pathetic. Start it off with a strip at least is what my point was.
  19. That statement i can agree with lol
  20. They play kaw, no they're not 
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Not open for further replies.