LR alliance vs BH alliance: An OSW History Thread

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. The post is long but the level of details is high.
  2. Hmm interesting....well no not really, lol and I thought before most BH members switched or went to LR a whole back ago that I thought IG has some connection to them before the split (could be wrong), anyway I also thought that the 3 clans you first mentioned like TB were already part of IG so they didnt really lie they have wayyyyy more subs, lol "supposedly" In my opinion I think IG is just another Zaft and it puzzles me if you are saying the truth that LR never asked for help but then why do they have it hmmmmm seems to be another OSW mystery where you don't know unless your in it :) lol good luck tho
  3. I never thought kaw could be so interesting.
  4. blazey you claim 1 vs 1 was broken when SirHayden hit then get all pissy when belle claims the 1 vs 1 was broken. might wanna check your story next time ๎’๎’
  5. Pin, how can it be broken when we were still in pm discussing it with belle? I simply didn't have a chance to inform BH at that point.
    Pretty desperate attempt, on ur part pin. So LR, tyvm lol
  6. I keep hearing "set up war, set up didn't ask any body" blah blah blah. Tho #33 on LR roster, Taxman..his banner makes me wonder
  7. Does TroubleMakers mouth have a off button??

    Wouldnt it be wonderful if it did ;)
  8. Wow .... Longest post in KaW ever!!!!
  9. Hmm your right taxman number 33 on lr's roster does make me wonder.....
  10. I'm confused? Aren't players supposed to have some privacy when reporting/talking to mods? His thread lock reasons should be a private matter. This just shows your BIAS towards your clan than your modding duties. Sounds like you should retire from being a mod Belle.
  11. ^ she should have retired from being a mod a long time ago.

    A couple of those LR statuses make me wonder o_O
  12. Agreed retire
  13. Lol is this thread going to turn into a bashing on belle? I'm not find of last rights, however, she is a mod or a reason :/
  14. Couldn't agree more iCCB..
    Especially after public accusations of account sharing towards me and Ven, without any proof..after sharing my private information which seriously bothered me tbh..after silencing bh guy in wc for kinda sexual comment made towards belle but letting 3 nasty sexual posts slide 2min later because those were made towards me and by LR member..or when she makes rude comment on the thread and immediately locks it so no one can reply..isn't that abuse of mod power?
    Belle's alt was yesterday renamed by devs and much for a mod
  15. Ooops lets not get into this or belle's gonna lock it for going off topic๎
  16. ๎ˆฎ You're very likely right.
  17. I'd have to agree giving personal info out especially by a mod is a not a good thing and should never happen as their the one's who should are supposed to keep the ToU going not breaking them, however nothing will happen in forums unless you take the violation up with another mod or devs to be looked into and dealt with appropriately
  18. I have but one question. If face was an IG bank why was he hitting belle if he did not want an *IG* bank getting hit back? Anyone with any sense doesn't use a strip bank acc to farm someone. If he got hit first use his other acc to hit instead of bringing more attention to his bank.
  19. forum fans this may take some time for them to consult eachother to come up with the best sounding answer. please pardon the delay :lol: :lol: