LR alliance vs BH alliance: An OSW History Thread

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Can we still use war threats?

  2. You are in iG, everyone lols when you guys make threats anyway
  3. And you are?
  4. If you don't know v is, just leave, there's the door ->

    Right over there
  5. What does my name say?
  6. Would like to see more up-to-date threads like this
  7. Thid is an osw free zone
  8. I dont care call it necro bump come farm me noob. This is awesome that i even stumbled across this thread. Man i miss these days! I basically started every war LR was in. Good timez. Least kaw was played like its supposed to be played back then.
  9. Back when forums didn't suck as much either
  10. Worldchat used be so fun to read when this osw was going on.Over in the black hand corner you had Makki,Max Damages ,Drag ,pup devil versus Last rights Pinky over in the other corner trashtalking each other.
  11. I had to stop reading at "one of the largest osw's in kaw history" it made me laugh and then stopped reading
  12. Man this epilogue still around.. lol
  13. Love ya Pinky

    Who are you, exactly?

    And necro bumping, ftw. These were fun wars, became friends with many old enemies and lovers with our clanmates and allies.
  14. Good old days
  15. Sorry pinky..that particular war, which prompted philo to post this thread, was started because of Burberry pajama pants, as weird and irrelevant as it sounds lol exactly the same pants Lil Wayne wears in 'Bedrock' vid. I believe I have told u that story before..u can't take cradit for dis one
  16. Wasn't haha I remember where this on started lmao
  17. I still have those

  18. That definitely sound like a bh and lr thing to do. It surely was entertaining and a lot bad mouthed back then but at least they had some wit and humour with it. Though. #blamepinky. Should totally be a thing. Great piece of history to read again.
  20. I am hoping the mods would have enough respect towards this thread and its OP.