LR alliance vs BH alliance: An OSW History Thread

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Update

    Okay, I got a statment from LR.

    BH is no longer an osw. It is a perm clan farm. When we get a strip of 100B on them then we will post. Unfortunately there is no one in BH with anything even close to that. BH is now out of their league. They think we give a crap about some 20B ally bomb they have.
  2. Almost... You missed the 'most are without allies or mp' so when we get a meaningful strip at least over 100bill we will report it.

    And yes 'even if' they have a 20bill ally bomb it's insignificant to us. Our experience, as is usually the case with BH, is that bombs are mostly empty threats.

    I don't think this deserves it's own thread anymore.

    Cheers 
  3. @ Sugah.

    Thank you for those clarifications.

    Yeah, the war has pretty much died down for now. As for this thread, being a part of Kaw history, I am not locking it so it can be viewed and see by anyone easily. FOr better or for worse, at a 500 pages and hundreds of thousands of views it is definitely part of Kaw history. I am presently trying to get it preserved in the neglected "Best of" section, along with my Yafi threads. Hopefully I get a reply about that soon.
  4. News just in most of us are bored or this thread now.....
  5. Then stop reading it and bugger off.

    BH is claiming to have set off approximately 600B in reset bombs. LR is saying most of these "bombs" are duds.
  7. Another claim by BH.

    LR fail stripped Erebus of 432b on Saturday.
  8. Any ideas on how long this will last?
  9. 2 days, 7 hours, 23 minutes and 6 seconds.
  10. 5 seconds..
  11. Philo Hun this osw is over!!! You posting in a wrong thread !! You see any alliance from both sides warring ?
  12. Shh Queen, my shoes need cleaning. Chop chop.
  13. queen, bh and LR are fighting.. title says "LR vs BH" why wouldnt be post it here ? LOL
  14. Title says LR alliance vs BH alliance
  15. Dortmund 4 : 1 Real Madrid
  16. still same war nub. cf was broke.
  17. Is that pinky the war runner calling someone a nub
  18. You wrong !!!! I think this is something should be out of your business ! Right ?