LR alliance vs BH alliance: An OSW History Thread

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  1. Also, please keep in mind there are reports coming in saying Minaja left over a dispute about strip funds. These people are saying the regs wanted more from him and he had felt he had given enough.

    (Note: I am just saying I am getting these comments. I have not proof either way as the reason for Minaja leaving. Strip war fund disputes are indeed common, but Minaja indeed posted derogatory, rude comments in this forum.)
  2. Hey pinky, this is the closest I could get to on " hers your card" by foxworthy

  3. Hey Phil! Come on 500 pages! Almost there
  4. Whatever the reason for the kick, strictly mathematically speaking, the regs did lose a big chunck of their offense today.
  5. Phil, Regs are done commenting on your garbage intel.

    Min proves he donated a lot of strip funds, I'll slap myself. He is useless, so iG can have it.

    I'm done with this thread. No Trolls, not because I'm mad.'s definitely outlasted its purpose.

    See you fools in the news!!!!

    ་₩Ð₲₳Ƒ ★R∑GμL∆ †oR§★

  6. Wow. That was the angriest I seen Ireg yet. Stay tuned folks, expect the drama to last a while yet.
  7. Actually I think iReg is finally at peace. Minaja was a huge thorn in his side.

    I've nevers seen such a noob cause so many issues. One second he's in love with the ladies of reg, going behind his misses back to flirt heavy with them and the next he feels rejected because everybody knows iReg has those sammich makers on lock!

    Truly though, him and iG will fit perfect together. While he's max xstaling on a 130bil strip, while a 2 tril one is being planned(that made me laugh so hard!) he can unload his troops on Tara cause she'll have gold out and we all know that's how you slow a strip!
  8. I want a sammich! Damn thread making me hungry
  9. Actually my "good authority" is the SS of Regs CC when the blowup happened. Dude is not stable.
  10. You all should be ashamed of yourselves you made ireg use IG's line of "I'll see you in your news" who will entertain the masses now?
  11. I swore it said something else here earlier...could be wrong. :lol:
  12. Wait.. He called sage a *****?! **** just got real. I'm opening up a can of whoop ass as I'm typing this.
  13. What's a ******** ******** I missed it before it was deleted.
  14. It hasn't been deleted still so ...
  15. Not the ones that count angel.
  16. Well Minaja has done something that no one else has been able to do and that's get IReg to stfu so who has to leave or kick up a fuss to get iprophet to stop posting?

    When I was a kid there was a saying....

    Stick and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. In this day and age of the Internet people should remember that more. Any way that's my 5p worth for the month back to lurking. 
  17. My official statement... Regulators are a great clan as a whole but a few bad apples can ruin the game plus jealous people... As far as me donating to strip
    Funds never donated a dime... Lol... By the way love all the fail IREG SS all
    That!!!! 
  18. and they said i was lying.
    yet what ive said seems to be pretty dead on ey?
    gl finding those mole(s) regs :)
  19. Lol Yarmes.. I'll believe it when I see it.. what will he do without forum posts? Also the other iDiot post. Yeah that's a weak ass attempt at starting drama in a rl relationship.. my question is... do the ladies of regs like being in iRegs harem and being calling sammich makers? Do they bake him pies, and knit him sweaters too? :p
  20. Here's the real, I've been called worse by far better than a nob noob. My official statement is Minaja's uterus is what got him kicked by regs. I certainly don't care what someone like him thinks of me, because I know and he knows he doesn't anything about me. He's the one who felt like his monthly needed to be posted in forums, plz Minaja, take some midol and do the rest of kaw a favor and go back to being irrelevant. As far as bad PR goes, regs leadership is second to none and the only fault they have is getting caught on "give raging retards a chance" day.

    @homie I  your protective growl..but you know, I don't want anyone feeding the drama queen on my account...