LR alliance vs BH alliance: An OSW History Thread

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  1. What's funny is who will LOS legacy side with? iG or Last Rights?
  2. I'm sure the one person tht probably started already when running from BH and tht would be PITBULL6995 and his alt SNAKE-EYES he loves to start stuff like this caz he has a big mouth and can't back it up.

    Last Rights
    Will Win
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    Phil? Aren't you done making threads yet?


    That's why he requested the last thread locked and then requested lock in my pm when things weren't going his way.

    This is all propaganda and nonsense. He's obviously connected to ig or bh to be hitting LR - note the date is prior to any other threads.



    But you just can't stay away, can you Phil?

    I think the best thing for you to do is stick by your word and step away from posting further threads as you have a severe bias and have lost all credentials as an objective historian of events.

    As for what he said- I skimmed it. Lots of bull ****. Yawn. Same old.

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  5. Does phil have a main? or is he saying that to look like a badass?
  6. i think you are all idiots ...
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  9. As I said before, goodluck and respect to both sides. Keep us informed on the war please and thank you.
  10. @bellemorte I remember philo saying on the other thread that him hitting LR was just a joke that you took seriously.
  11. Camouflaged got the line up wrong lol
  12. Only one sub clan for LR. Which is letalis regnum, and bh has no sub clans because it sucks.
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  14. I see an NAL VS IG war all over again. Itll whither down to IG VS LR and end in a mutual cf.
  15. How come you left out all the BH v REG history? OP you have to admit that's a huge part of this history here.
  16. I thinks hes just tryibg to follow the war itself and not past occurences. You could mention LR membrrs have warred vs IG ubder different names in different clans as well but it isnt important towards the thread..However thats a bit different i will admit.
    If every clan with a grudge went into this war itd be massive...
    I suspect it to happen though.
  17. This post is only to clarify some statements made by Philo within his thread. I apologize for the long story but I'll try to describe as many details as possible.

    Dingo, a member of LR council made a comment in forums calling BH noob hand. It was in an apology thread, made by BH guest. He came to our clan 3 days prior to that and was advised that he will have to prove him self as worthy before he can become a new recruit. Guy was kicked after making that thread as it determined he wasn't a BH material.
    For the record, Dingo was nicely kicked from BH in the past for not fitting in as well and I assume he still butthurt over it. Aww

    So I pmed bellemorte and said I would like to do 1vs1 with Dingo because I didn't appreciate such comment made towards my home clan. I told her only 2 accounts would be involved in farming his 3. While I was discussing it with belle, owner of BH had unloaded on Dingo after he saw Dingo's comment. Belle freaked out and immediately claimed I already broke my 1vs1, but I asked SirHayden to let me myself deal with Dingo as he didn't worth much attention - just another potless farm. BH wasn't happy but at that point I managed to keep it just 1vs1.

    We went on and off with Dingo for about 1.5-2 weeks until one day he unloaded on 2 more accounts: my alt Blazey and my ex account Face. I didn't mind hits on Blazey as she's barely active ATM but I got a pm from Ven asking if I knew who was Dingo and saying he from now on will be his farm because of incoming from him on Face. I decided to pm belle to let her know Face was no longer mine and asked Ven to hold off hits on Dingo because I knew LR would start claiming I asked for help. Ven doesn't pm, follow, posts walls or forums - he just farms. That's the only reason I pmed belle. Otherwise no one would've.

    Belle of course, had a conspiracy theory of me trying to hide my account as well as me trying to destroy LR lol I ignored all accusations and name calling and figured fair warning has been issued.

    Next day Ven told me Dingo had unloaded on Face again. So Ven decided, to farm belle instead of Dingo, since belle ignored the warning and I already had 1vs1 with Dingo. I pmed belle and got my pm blown up with accusations starting from breaking 1vs1, trying to start a war between BH and LR, and finishing with account sharing. Belle was very concerned about Ven hitting her and demanded me to pull him off, disregarding the fact that I have no control of Ven's decisions. She made the following statement: "forget 1vs1! I'm gonna put all my alts on u until u pull Ven off me". I told her, threats don't work we'll on me and belle started burning me and Ven with 7 or 8 of her alts.

    What doesn't make sense here is the claims of me breaking my 1vs1 with Dingo by supposedly involving Ven. Ven didn't farm Dingo, he only farmed belle. She wasn't my 1vs1 and I did not hit her until I got incoming from her. So how did I break 1vs1 with Dingo again?

    Burning and b2b farming continued for few days. During that time belle pmed iG council Tara to verify if Face was indeed iG account and Tara confirmed it was. Belle admitted in my pm its verified and said she asked Dingo to not hit Face any more. But Dingo did and after I confronted belle, she said they simply don't believe that Face is no longer mine. Of course not. Because if they finally admitted and stopped, than accusations of me asking for help from Ven would make even less sense and prove that he only got involved because his bank was farmed, not because i asked. Hits on Face continued. Oh well.
    Neither me or Vendetta reported to our clans what was going on as we both considered it our personal issues.

    Belle however started talking to other ig councils, asking again if face was ig account and claiming she had no idea why she was being farmed by Ven. iG became concerned and involved in negotiations.

    This is where pre-war negotiations had started and belle expressed limitless arrogance and disrespect to both iG and BH. She admitted farming face and started calculating possible losses. Later she claimed that face hasn't been hit for few days while Ven kept reporting incoming, supplied by ss. Seemed like she was trying hard to provoke bigger conflict after iG gave her numerous warnings and suggested numerous solutions that LR continuously denied. Original solution was simply stop the hits but those continued.

    During that time, belle also said "but Dingo was right in his post" and such disrespect was already over the top. BH decided to war LR.

    There has been many offers made and denied by both sides. But after the discussion, iG decided to finally accept 1t payout that kilo and others offered and Brood even told Pinky that if LR pays 1t to compensate, iG would move on (that was after Ven denying it but prior to starting the osw). Pinky confirmed terms, said he's gonna bring it up to council but never got back to Brood.

    I have been accused of being obsessed with destroying LR. Im not the biggest fan and i have my reasons. They left BH in the middle of osw that they had started. I wouldn't blame them if they continued fighting from their new clan, LR, but instead they requested cf from opponent..(c'mon Reborn, i know u still have those ss somewhere lol). But i could care less as well as BH. We moved on. And tried to work out respectful relationships with LR, but weren't getting much in return.
    Example: when BH had only restarted, belle pmed me, telling me to go read forums and that there was 2 people in BH who were farms of LR at that time, because of those forum posts. I didn't read, i just kicked. Later one of those people had told me that issue with LR has been settled and asked to let her back in BH. Before i did, i verified with belle. That was our way of showing respect. But every time i'd pm belle after that with similar concerns from our side, she'd claim i'm making up conflicts and trying to destroy LR by the hands of new BH..This theory makes no sense since the only request to cf from BH in this war was: apologies in pm made by Dingo. Not public, not on walls, not in forums etc, no payments and such - just pm apology..and that was out of respect BH had to some in LR. Belle agreed at some point and I told her to proceed and negotiate cf with iG so we all can move on. But nothing has been done by LR. Seems like they been playing victims while whining all over kaw trying to get as many haters involved as possible. That will explain belle's arrogance during negotiations and why they never proceeded with settling after excepting the given terms.

    Important thing to mention: me and Ven are roommates. Unfortunately, this part of our personal life has been announced in public by bellemorte, the mod, along with accusations of sharing, without a valid proof.

    I understand it is extremely difficult to verify who is an actual owner of an account in this case but had anyone tried? We don't mind cos we know what we say is true. Extremely difficult isn't impossible, is it? As well as I told belle and Wulf, Ven can authorize devs to check Face's transfer history and provide it to interested parties. Has it been done? No. Because those parties don't want to be proven wrong, if there is such possibility and my guess is, they understand there is.

    As of Regs and others joining LR, story is very simple. I was aware of LR ASKING for help and had numerous discussions with clan leaders prior to them joining. I say 'ask' because I also know clans who refused. Regulators also contacted few clans prior to joining. Regs, 7ds and others fighting LR's battle now are not interested in BH. They want iG down and couldn't miss out on opportunity lol what else is new ;)

    They all keep saying 'iG and Bh issues are separate' but I can't agree with that any longer. Belle made it our common issue. BH unintentionally involved iG in this, i guess, by giving away Face to ig member. But iG's concern was simple: the loss of available strip gold and farming iG council with 10 accounts.

    I am not interested in arguing in forums any longer, just wanted our side of the story to be known. I would ask though, for LR's big mouth members, including the mod: stop bringing up our personal life in forums. After all it's against ToU.

    Happy Kawing
  18. That was one loooooong post
  19. Very long read very long but nonetheless very exciting very exciting  I'm looking forward to seeing results soon... And yes Phil alittle better not being as biased this time...ummm yea and a side note, sides are not even yes I bet their is 1000 accounts involved in this war, but still sides are not even by no way shape or form before WaR and sub joined  good luck to all warring I have to give LR my vote on a win...
  20. Oooh interesting post by Trouble.