LR alliance vs BH alliance: An OSW History Thread

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  1. A history buff as always, I will try to piece together for the layman the chain of events that has led to one of the biggest osw ever in kaw: Last Rights and friends versus Black Hand/iG and friends. Hopefully through this thread outsiders can get a feeling where this war is at and can use it as a guideline for which side to support.

    Now, as expected, both sides of this war have accused me of backstabbing them. It is a shame when someone says something that does not fully support your position that you assume he is sleeping with the enemy. In attempt to avoid taking sides, I will indicate in the narrative points that seem to be under dispute and limit myself to posting only two times: this post and the actual history that follows directly below. Either side of this dispute that wants to clarify or add to the narrative, please pm me. I will edit the history as it seems fit.
    Please note, however, that I will no longer be posting ss or statements on other clan’s behalf. Clans that have “the forums are for noobs” policies, find a spokesman from within your clan to post it for you.

    Hope you all enjoy the beauty of the Osw.
  2. Re: LR alliance vs BH/iG alliance: An OSW History Thread

    The Last Rights versus BlackHand/iG osw began the way many osw do: with someone saying something stupid on the forums. A LR member made the comment that Black Hand should be renamed Noobhand. A BH member took offense and began a 1V1 with the LR member. (Note: Why the LR member made this comment is not entirely clear but apparently there is some tension dating back to the summer wars.)

    The 1v1 quickly spread to multiple players in both clans, although it is hotly contested who first broke the 1v1. (Note: the previous sentence has been revised from the orginal.) LR admins then became involved and began farming various accounts they felt were related to the BH member.

    Unfortunately one of accounts farmed was a strip bank account that had changed allegiance from BH to IG.(Note: IG feels this bank was an IG bank from the start.) According to BH, this bank and it's owner had at no point hit the LR player during the 1v1. (previous sentence newly added 13/01/07)The bank had 1T gold out and lost a good part of that when the LR member cleared a bar on it. IG became upset and confronted the LR council about the farming. LR however, refused to believe the bank was IG property, and unloaded another bar on the bank. IG said they did not care who LR thought owned it, it is IG property as long as IG considers it to be their property. Therefore IG felt LR was obligated restore what was taken from them, and apologize to the bank owner.

    A negotiation took place, and frankly speaking, it is hard to determine the actual facts. One version says that LR thought the 1T demanded by IG was too high, and so walked away and went to war. LR, however, has denied the 1T to be the problem, and that IG was making too many demands and actually wanted war. A conspiracy was claimed between IG and BH to get them into the war. IG has in turned denied this, claiming that LR council was being uncooperative and rude in their discussions and did not express any interest in negotiating an agreement until after the osw started. Anyway, a deal was not reached and IG and its allied clans went to war.

    Here I believe there are two crucial issues.
    1) Did the strip bank really change allegiance to IG or was it a ruse put on by IG and BH to get them into the war? If you believe the former, LR is at fault. If you believe the latter, IG is at fault.
    2) Is there an alliance agreement between BH and IG, or did IG get involved purely by accident? I believe LR feels there was an alliance, but IG council has clearly denied this. Whatever the case is, there seems to be evidence that IG is now coordinating efforts with BH, but this joint alliance could have begun well after the war started.

    Regulators Enter/My Small Humble Role
    On the second day of the war I made a thread where I asked people who they were betting on to win. I never planned for the thread to become the main discussion thread. Nor did I plan for about 50 players on both sides of the war to start following me. Since council members on both sides were following me anyway, I tried to mediate. In my mind at least, I thought I had reached a deal between them, but then Regulators entered and all deals were off. Adding insult to injury, a certain IG council member accused me of being a double agent and trading ss, when all I did was move a ss made by the LR council member to the front of the new thread at her request. Just to keep things fair, a LR council member accused me of the very same thing a few hours later. Lol. I guess it is my own damn fault, I suppose. (What an idiot.)

    Anyway, enough about me. The regulators, to no one’s surprise, joined on LR side, and with them brought in their subclan and three other allied clans, 7-Wrath-7,7-lust-7, and asguard. They justified their joining because because they believed the war was a set up, and that IG had brought in clans from the outside: Easy’s Retreat, -Silent Shadows-, Good vs Evil, and Tubble Bomb. IG claims these clans are part of the IG family. (Note: While I cannot speak intelligently on the other three, -Silent Shadows- is most definitely an IG subclan and has been for a long time.)

    Anyway, the reason regulators joined is not so important. They hit in a big way, suddenly performing a 2T strip of a –Wit- player. IG responded in kind by stripping approximately the same amount from one of the 7 deadly sins clans. (It should be noted that the Reg council member insists that LR never asked them to join, but they couldn’t just stand by when an injustice was taking place. However the LR council mentioned the four IG subclans before the Reg council did, so it is safe to say LR was communicating with Reg and feeding them information.)

    In response, IG went a half day without contacting any allied clan. (Unless you consider the above mentioned IG subclans to be actually outside clans.) However Warriors of the Ancient Realms (W.A.R.), IG’s closest ally, decided they could no longer stand on the sidelines and have joined the war.

    I’m sure lots of other clans will drop in on the war as well, but let me dispel a rumor. There is no evidence whatsoever of Zaft joining this war. Such claims are made by annoying alts trying to stir up trouble. I don’t have a crystal ball, but if Zaft joins this osw anytime in the next two weeks, I’ll wear my underwear on my head for a month.
    Update 13/1/7: Out of respect to past alliances to iG, Zaft council has said it will not participate in this OSW.

    13/1/14 Update
    On this day tempers really flared up between the clans. In the forums, an IG council member accused a LR council member of breaking the ToU, causing a huge fight that was eventually locked. However during the fight the LR council member referred to the IG council as being a moron, so I suspect we will see a very long and angry war yet to come.
    Update 13/1/15
    Former owner and long time IG member 1ATE7 had left his clan and asked regulators council for a personal ceasefire. When the cf was not granted, he inexplicably resetted 4 accounts, and quite possibly another secret one what was fighting in –wit-. Needless to say this is quite the blow for the iG family.
    The player HeyWTF, a long time IG member was seen making a surrender thread. However, it was later explained that his account was actually hacked into. The hacker kicked the other members of IG, wrote the thread, then dropped all the buildings. The truth of this tale at the time of writing is not yet known, but the moderator Wulf has written to ATA public relations to investigate the matter.

    In other news, the situation of the clan .Alpha. Revelations seems unclear. The clan seems abandoned and several members have surrendered on an IG council wall.

    Warring clans.
    On Last Right's side
    Letalis Regnum., Regs, Regs Inc, Regs Retribution, The Queens Regs, Regs Academy, 7-wrath-7, 7-lust-7, Defenders of Asgard, .ALPHA., .ALPHA OMEGA., .ALPHA REVELATIONS.(Moved to other .Alpha. a few surrendered.), .ALPHA EPSILON.,Misfits, DivineRegiment, Reavers,Taka, Murder Death Kill

    On BlackHand's/IG's side
    iG. –WiT-. Wig. Silent Shadows. Black Hand, Good vs Evil. Easy's Retreat(members moved to -WiT-). Tubble Bomb(members moved to IG). Warriors of the Ancient Realms (WAR). Outlawz. Voodoo. French Knights. Foxes. No Bully Network. some Osiris fighting from IG, German Foxes, Dawn of the Foxes, Knights of the Fire Emblem(withdrawn 1/16), Kotfe Assassins(withdrawn 1/16),

    Apparently Reapers Legion is hitting both sides of the war, after being turned down to help out by both sides. lol
    13/1/13 Reapers Legion have withdrawn from the war, because both sides were ignoring them even when they were hitting. :lol: They vow to grow and not be ignored next time. :)

    War Size Estimate
    As of 13/1/12 The war is estimated to involve over 2500 kingdoms.

    Well, that is my history of the BH and friends vs LR and friends as of January 5, 2013. If any player feels I am incorrect, biased, or way off in left field. Please contact me and I’ll try my best to correct the problem. I will also add things if there are any interesting developments. To try to keep as much partiality as possible, I won’t be posting in the thread itself, unless it is to clarify some information said by a player.

    I hope you enjoy this thread. Cheers and happy stripping, pinning, and trolling to all.
  3. Update: LR council has allowed the fact that SS,and ER were IG subclans before the war started. TB is a family clan, not a sub clan.

    Update: Members of Reavers have joined the OSW on LR side, fighing through the LR subclan.

    Update: BH has said it was LR who first expanded the 1 on 1. Need confirmation for LR, please.
    Update: Foxes has entered on the side of IG/BH

    Update 13/1/7: Out of respect to past alliances to iG, Zaft will not participate in this OSW. It must be noted that as of 13/1/7, the players who were formerly members of Zaft Evolution have not formerly entered the war.

    Update 13/1/9 The No Bully Network said it will honour its alliance with iG and enter the war.

    Update 13/1/11 Removal of Young Gunz , Recclassification of ER,
    unconfirmed addition German Foxes.
    Addition of strip attempts over 2 T.
    (Note these are strip attempts. Not confirm amounts taken.)
  4. Please feel free to write comments, corrections, or questions below. lol bump.
  5. I'm still sticking with Mid April for an iG win since WAR has evened the sides up. By win I mean the LR teams dropping out one by one and LR coming to a CF with private terms of how that came about.

    I know how the BH/iG/WAR side is going to treat this war tactically, and I think it's a proven tactic.

    I won't expose their tactic as I can't wait to see LR eat it, but it's pretty good, and simple to execute.

    Good luck everyone.

    "The one people who merit from war are the popcorn sellers on forums" - Swabia
  6. Good reading. Well done.
  7. I wander who else will be dragged in.
  8. @Val

    A lot have joined in just today. I have given up trying to track strips.
  9. Swabia, now I have to say it...

  10. Um, some issues that people may take offense by: In your history, either intentionally or not, you say "assguard" rather than asguard. And you mention "LH". I think you mean that to be LR, but it may also mean BH. Lol, just sayin' 

  11. Thanks. typos have been corrected. Please point out more if you see them. I love the grammar police.
  12. I've never been a fan of yours, but this thread had some good quality and contained much less bias than your prior threads, good job.
  13. Bla bla bla ya da ya da ya da - another attention seeking attempt from forum warrior Phil  no credibility at all
  14. Can't we all just get along?
  15. This is a very big war. I think there's around 1000 accounts in it.
  16.  still not much of SS all talks
  17. note; Some revisions have been made.
  18. I'm betting on iG to win this war but if Zaft joins, that will make this war much fun! Lol hopefully they join iG. This is really entertaining!
  19. Its pretty even, this could be the Kofte/sun osw again.