lowland wars

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Their_______4________Plundered, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Please stop lowland wars or just sort something out where there’s an auto clan put together, just like the other wars, so many r missing out on lowland,
  2. When someone who can’t find a clan for LL asks for it to be removed without giving a suggestion of their own >>>
  3. Well make a thing where people can choose to get put into a random clan for lowland or can still choose to recruit, there’s like 2or 4 clans warring lowland because people can’t fill clans, just saying for those who like to war every war can something be done,
  4. When you support your own thread. Dying inside
  5. Legit, mods getting lazy. Nearing 2hour mark.