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Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by [ATA]Grant, Oct 27, 2015.

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  1. Im interested
  2. #GHRising #Gh2015 #RedemptionOfGh
  3. Hey lets abolish all of the work, time, and money you all dumped into the devs' wallets and play at Lowland wars. For approximately a year at least. This is pathetic. Waste of a game.
  4. So basically what you're saying is that me not growing for 4 years is finally paying off? I picked a good time to reactivate. I expect to be there.
  5. I never thought the word FAIR was a proper word for EE. I prefer equal opportunity such as IWar provides. Clan wars always have required being organized n structure. Teamwork a big component pre-war n post match up.

    Ppl no longer can use the excuses like nobody accepts me or my build sux. Anyone can open a war clan if want to war. Build for LL is easy n quick allowing as many ppl possible to war.

    Overall this beta removes many restrictions n is only a starting point to allow any build to war. As times progresses it can be tweaked n be added to vs a format from previous efforts having major flaws.
  6. Well Toast can predict the future, this world is insane.
  7. Aww.... No mystical hammertime? Im out


    Luv u kaw admin

    Make this good
  8. How might we "opt in"
  9. of course this is not a lowland primal wars that those winning roster always get a huge cs advantage or towers advantage.

    since no bfa, no bfe, no pots, no miths; clans will need several different buildings (like troops heavy, spy heavy or towers heavy, etc) to balance their roster.

    And the interesting thing is with high lands, hf and ab lands stats combined, ppls won't know enimies acutally lowland stats if Devs dont' give chance for scouting b4 war start.

    This sounds talking about team works, team communications and who get the faster wifi and faster finger to tap tap.

    Still, most ppls will care about rewards to cast their WOC for war, wonder how devs will fix the rewards. (Dont reward ppls miths if they are just useless to buy those crappy equipments lol)
  10. Nice to see devs r trying to implement something new to improve wars.Lets hope for the best.
  11. Primal wars allows 1/2hr for SB til mith can be cast. Nothing new at all just teamwork.

    SB n copy n paste. All clans have same info n can figure out n speculate. I see no advantage nor disadvantage only laziness.
  12. @Hawk
    primal wars more often end up with horrible mismatch.Dont think there will be much cs diff in Ll wars.
  13. Kinky.

    A thought -

    To encourage variability and fun and to potentially prevent an "ideal" build from ever occurring, what if each kingdom were allowed an "X" amount of empty lands to build on at the start of war that needed to be filled "Y" amount of time before the war actually began.

    Let's make X = 3 and Y = 10min for an example -

    I join the war with 21 (and a castle) buildings. The opposing side can see those stats. Based on the builds of the side I'm on and the builds of my opponent's I can then use the three lands to build on - shoring up a weakness or adding to a strength. I have up until 10min before the war starts to build, or those lands get locked for use. As my opponents (and all my allies) have the same capacity to slightly alter their builds, this would encourage huge variability in strategy and thus every war, even with identical rosters and initial builds, could be dramatically different.

    BFA/BFE/the rest of the HL up buildings present a more difficult challenge, I can see benefits to converting them to a % based bonus (and, like % equip when troops/spies are 0'd the bonus is as well) and keeping them as a static one. Ultimately I'd want those to be an edge of no stronger than a few percent of the LL build's stats.

    Anywho, should be fun ;)
  14. Glad to hear you'll be helping out. As mentioned we're still in fairy early stages with this and as we start testing a lot of things are likely to change. At this time we won't be taking prestige into account but instead working with random matchups to start and working from there. Roster size is still to be determined, but we'll likely start off with 15 as we have now to better compare, and work from there as well.

    As for losing EE on leaving a clan, this really depends on where these wars move. This probably wouldn't work all that well with Individual Wars if the two were to co-exist.

    There's no requirement to use Crystals, but players can choose to use up to 1 regen per hour of war. We've actually recently made the change to provide players the chance to earn any regens spent warring back, with better odds of this being for those on the winning side.

    Not in this initial implementation. There's still a risk with warring, but Bronze and Silver Bars can help reduce that risk.

    1) Only LL is counted during these wars, so if you're all SOS on your lowlands it will be as if you have a pure SOS build regardless of your other lands.

    2) Only troops and spies from LL buildings are counted.

    That's the goal. We'll know more once we get to testing.

    Nothing set in stone just yet, but as soon as we have a specific date we'll let you know.

    BFA/BFE are excluded in the initial testing phase but we'll be looking at ways to bring them in while maintaining balance as we test.

    In regards to multiple brackets at this time turnout does not make this viable. That may chance as we rollout testing of this, and we'll adapt our plans as we go along.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Exact details are still TBD, however the current plan is that during the Beta Testing period all Wars will be of this new Lowland War variety. You won't need to explicitly opt-in, as we'll be having all players who war testing it out. Again, more details will be made available as we're closer to testing.
  15. On behalf of kaw_admin, the developers, and myself I want to thank you all for sharing your thoughts with us on Lowland Wars.

    We're not quite ready for the actual testing just yet but wanted to share what we're working on with all of you. Our hope is that through our Open Beta phase we're able to work with you to make tweaks, refinements, and fix whatever plain doesn't work in order to provide a solid and enjoyable war experience.

    We're going to be closing this thread up now, and will share more information with you in the Open Beta Testing section of the forums as soon as it's available.

    Thanks again, and we look forward to testing with you :)
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