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Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by [ATA]Grant, Oct 27, 2015.

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  1. Ok sorry. 100mil CS higher than me*


    And nighthawk what do you mean it isn't 5 years ago? Are you serious?! WE HAVE TO GO BACK MARTY.

    If you couldn't see the point being made you're either stupid, simple, or slow. And that I can't help you with.
  2. Cynder stop insulting people lol. Unless they <3m cs
  3. My dad just passed and left me nothing. But good on you for more false judgements
  4. You don't need an ego when you're pretty good. You just need a target. I don't care if I hit or fail. I'm going to fail against you. Your build is 5x mine. Doesn't matter.
  5. Because I was talking about real life and not making an analogy... I'm sorry for your loss.

  6. Lolz nah
  7. Unless they heart millions of cute snakes? That's a really strange thing to request...
  8. Support.
    Kaw_community I like the idea and I like that it is clan oriented.

    So if bfa and bfe is not included in the beta, wouldn't this just make a low tier of Primals?
    And if that's the case then why hasn't primal brackets like this become incorporated into the system that's currently running? I understand you will "eventually" make the other brackets, but only testing low lands won't show you guys as much info as you need.

    *plus we all know we will all make sh for this lowlands bracket*

    By testing the highlands as well will give people who are HL complete a variety of build choice. 

    Thxs for listening 
  9. The top place getters in S5 were mostly smaller builds, with large static stats due to bfa.
    Based on that, what is to stop it happening again once bfa/bfe is introduced into this format?
    Clans will have a basic ll build requirement, then instead of adt/sdt requirements they will introduce bfa requirements.
    This will kill the format for any new player without bfa, thus reducing participation and putting us at square one yet again.
  10. See sh shh wars!
  11. Agreed
  12. There is no bfa or bfe in this beta. It's a LOW LANDS PRIMAL.
  13. Going to be sh/crappy tanks
  14. Yep lol
  15. Not in the beta, but they "assure us" it will be incorporated in the future.
  16. Wait til then lol
  17. Stop with all the "if" lol @ all the people talking about Bfa. there is no bfa yet. And HL/HF/abyss is same as normal primal.. Close stats
  18. I see 3 groups of ppl for EE clan wars:

    Current Primal warriors
    Ppl wanting but unable to join a war clan
    Newer players with a new option

    Lets give early beta testing a chance.
    The gurus will give feedback as the Devs requested n LL War will change/adapt as times goes forward. 1st off lets see how it gets off the ground n how popular it is initially. Way to early to speculate.
  19. Agree with nighthawk. We just need to give it ago.

    Refreshing to see Devs focusing on EE. All the community wanted was for Devs to start testing ideas and it appears it's going to finally happen. Exciting times
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