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Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by [ATA]Grant, Oct 27, 2015.

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  1. "You were hit for your mouth" - Vix
  2. Which is all true. You need an incentive to fight in a war game. That is sad. You wouldn't have lasted a day in KaW 5 years ago. Even with an OSF to whack. Hence, silver spoon fed EB noob.

    I just say it how it is.
  3. All low land towers 1 spy building lol. Everyone same build enjoy. 
  4. Oh so u hit for cynder?
  5. Well youre wrong :) thanks for the inc
  6. No I hit for the same reason you claim you hit cyn. You have a loudmouth so I hit you.
  7. I'll join this as is all Coe .
  8. Had to wait a while for you to come out of pin
  9. What's this farming you speak off
  10. Fair enough
  11. Had to wait a while for you to come out of pin
    Well call your dogs off and pvp then
  12. Will be very hard for a WC to make a strat if they don't know the other sides LL stats
  13. I don't have any dogs Lolz People's actions are their own.
  14. Its not 5yrs ago...is how it is

    Back on topic n not like some here.
    I see many hybrids will be PS or hansels in this beta.
    Like an earlier poster mentioned its 350b only to convert for LL War. Thats not much for builds such as mine. Heh idc cuz this is only the beginning n looks interesting. Lets see how it goes n let time pass before getting too critical. As Kaw_Admin stated sending ideas here or support opens up more dialogue.
  15. So all low land towers? Nobody is answering me.
  16. 127mil cs vs 22mil cs

    Sounds like a good time.

    Similar to why wars currently are unfeasible, and why a low land system is actually a great idea by the devs. Start with the lowlands, get high participation. Start incorporating bfe/bfa, then move up from there...
  17. I'm actually pleasantly surprised I'm able to hit BC. So much potential for fun
  18. We will see. Hopefully.
  19. I'm not bc but if fails boost your ego good then
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.