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  1. Lowland wars is dead like primal war, only one serious clan casting every war,and they are automatically wins every war against ffa, and every war 14 only 2 serious clan, its all dead, i suggest that replace the lowland wars , do more individual wars and kingdom of allies war,so all can participate,
  2. Support - and also fix the indis.. It's a bit messed up with the lopsided match ups. Thanks!
  3. Either give more incentives(Prestige) for clan wars or do away with them all together.
  4. See-port!!
  5. Ok. Let me try again. The Lowland wars died due to people cheating with auto bots. Some of them have finally been caught and banned but it was too late. I support Foxy
  6. Support. The only people who do play ll end up top 10 lb because they get wins easily against ffa.
  7. Support:

    Bring in Round Wars again.

    Activate prestige.


    require at least one attack building to war (how you gonna fight if you don't have an army . Plug the ps until after wars.

    Give rewards ONLY if you WIN (this will kill the FFA's)

    update war eq with regular frequency.

    Add more tiers of EE.

    Match according to rosters with similiar EE.

    Issue shattered swords to clans found to be casting just to let alt clans win.

    Enjoy a rekindled war effort.
  8. Nice suggestion Karma! :)
  9. Bring war eq back that will encourage more people to war again which will in turn make more serious clans cast for LL .. No1 casts currently because it’s easier to just cast for the 2 indi slots and maintain top 50/100
  10. What he said.
  11. Tbh I love lowlands war more than indis but current situation of lowland wars is pathetic with only 1 clan casting 15 members and their opponent is a ffa clan which is half filled with alts of peeps who are already casted in other clan. Hardly 20-22 peeps are casting for these wars.

    Reason - No Equipment reward for peeps who war, as there is no war equipment reward peeps are content with top 50 & top 100 which they can get easily by doing few indi wars.

    Suggestion - I downloaded this game 6+ years back thinking its a war game but current scenario is completely different its more of a eb game where u just tap tap and tap not just with ur main but with even statless alts for charms. Now that charms are gone and there is no equipment reward from ebs (it's gone atleast for next 2 events as it will be all about banner) I want you guys to introduce equipment as rewards for peeps who war. Please note I am not asking you to give 5-6 equipments every event just 1 equipment per event with stats equivalent to what we got after collecting 40k eb items will be good enough to bring back wars. There is very less chance that Equipment drop from wars can be farmed using alts because I still believe that we have around 100 good warriors left in kaw.

    Conclusion - If you don't wanna bring equipment reward in wars just replace ll wars with indis/k&a as suggested by foxy so that there is equal opportunity for peeps like foxy who don't have a ll warclan but still do all wars with a hope of entering top10 war leaderboard.

  12. Agree with foxy. Must either fix LL or get rid of them. Can’t force people to do them but there is only one clan left that can fill every slot. Another serious clan only does 1 slot. And the third basically can only fill once. They one clan that can fill each time gets ffa made mainly by alts and the sit LB each event which is not deserved being they are manipulating the system to get there. With only K
  13. Sums it up
  14. Lowland wars always sucked. It was a quick answer to the devs inability to fairly match round and primal wars. They have always been boring, but removing war equip killed them. Bring back round as karma suggests, and require war with successful actions for br bonus. You will get everyone warring a few times per week.