Lowland wars dying?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by xXD3mOnXx, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. @Ops

    Why do ppl do LL Wars?

    1) to war and win with friends
    2) gain the millenial participation loser rewards
    3) to learn how to war
    4) competition
    5) to get away from B2B eb events ad nauseum
    6) all of the above

    As for myself i can rarely return to a clan i left for war cuz full of ppl hopping for events. IMO lumping wars into events has only created a huge drag on ppl warring when there is no other option.

    Back when it was Rancor wars i found it was a carrot dangled that made me focus more on war and build for it. Then along came LL Wars when many cried about Primals being too hard to get accepted. Ppl wanted others to do the work and expected it handed to them. Well Primals were dropped and here we are today where those same ppl are nowhere to be found unless exploiting the loser rewards under the guise that they wanted to war but don't bother trying to win wars. Oh but so many have excuses why wars r not winnable eg need a wc and tracker but don't step up. Pathetic apathy resulted.
  2. Bring back old war system with a mix of round , primal and Indy wars please .... I bet more people would war if you did. ;)

  3. Prolly a good idea to revisit old war formats.
    So much has changed since then its worth a try.
  4. How about offer up a choice?

    In the LL slot add Primals as an option.
    At worst maybe more will war.
    If Primals prove more viable its a win.
    If nothing else more roster build varieties would ensue vs the LL rosters being so predictable.
    The leaky hansel build would be unwanted but so what. They chose their build.
  5. I still like lowland wars.
  6. Maybe war equipment
  7. Primal and round wars arent an option anymore since devs have screwed up bfe, bfa, stats and plunder
  8. Mike is pleb, disregard his opinion
  9. Its like how u cried in wc and keep bashing us lol
  10. If people start leaving kaw devs has to forcefully bring the old war system back
  11. The sadness of the existence of existence makes me cry. And yeah ur so fun to bash on  especially when u get so triggered
  12. Imagine round wars... A few lb tanks rest statless alts. Need I say any more lol

    Round wars broke. Primal will only be won by the BC. Lowland is the only war type that gives an even playing field to all, only way lowland wars will get more participants is if war rewards equipment like it used to. No idea why devs removed war equipment but its killing all war types for sure
  13. Take the damned participation rewards outta LL so people stop purposely being sucky.
  14. I carry LL
  15. FFA war ruined the fun lmao, that's why i stop doing ll war and wasting my 1 hrs just to get action without a fight.
  16. Does FFA stand for Friendly Fire Actions?
  17. I'm sure we will find out more in 1 month when this same thread is posted and the same people respond.

  18. Devs clearly do not support this opinion that is why lowland wars exist...that is why they allowed shadow hansels to dominate before that....they really don't care about wars ...just that all can participate semi equal so they can say see we tried
  19. Too many cheaters on LL war that not worth trying. New players lost interest when they see their newsfeed get hit like 4 to 5x a second with the same personMy opinion let the cheaters cheat each other and cry that this part of the event is dying. Devs cares less about this part of KAW. It's not their fault of this LL war dies. Very costly for them to operate with no return. Their support system time get eaten by LL war and indi.
  20. Who are the cheaters? Don't think any clans warring currently cheat, of the few serious left they are all fair game.