Lowland wars dying?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by xXD3mOnXx, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. 4 serious clans left in kaw.. if u consider exi serious.. And all are struggling to fill..

    Does it have to die completely before devs do anything about it at all?
  2. #VrosCantSignEvenWith3/5OfRosterBeingShadow'sAlts
  3.  i realised that too demon
  4. Dying? You mean dead.
  5. I guess we just killed them all D3mon
  6. Before new land came out devs was supposed to give low lands a upgrade but it never happened
  7. You got it all wrong. #Vro
  8. Yea u just get 10 statless people to war for you i gotya no alts mate its true

    But u still cant sign
  9. Cause no1curr u noob
  10. Yesh it is dying
  11. Good riddance. We need a new war type that Uses whole build, clan based and all of bfe/bfa. Otherwise why build and why do events for equip you can't get the full benefit of??
    But then again maybe it's just my opinion...
  12. We need the old war system back honestly
  13. So u made this thread to say ll war is dying or to bash exi
  14. No need to bash exi. Exi bashes itself.
  15. Rekt
  16. G4Y > NE 1000000000000%
  18. Quick answer is indi