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  1. No, low land wars are not indi wars ! Indi wars are still indi and ll still low land ! The system for opting in for ll is now the same as indi , leave clan and be assingned a clan. Low land is not indi don't confuse the two
  2. Technically they are all Individual wars. So there's that.
  3. That’s actually what Dave was trying to state, that the match up system for Indi and K&A are now in place in lowland wars.

    I do believe that the matching system change for lowland wars should have had an announcement provided by the devs with the change so players knew what they were heading into in war instead of finding out in the moment of casting woc. When that was released lol

    This may be just a test though so let’s see what happens with that war.
  4. Charms dont count right?
  5. No charms do not count, just the % from your allies.
  6. And our war clan? Why the hell are they getting rid of us. All the work and yrs put into the clan. Y'all pathetic! devs:"ok lets screw up the war system even more, ya good idea, and let's not tell them"

    Will there be any damn wars scheduled for a clan to sign up for?

    Indi wars are full of ppl who hit a few times and expect their "forced together" team to win with them not putting any effort into that win. Players thrown together who HATE each other with one or both saying "I'm out so and so is here" and log off. Others do their own thing and don't follow WC. LL was the only war you got to pick your team mates, ooppss that's right not anymore.
  7. Good riddance on your free EE spells clan
  8. Ahhh don't be jelly of us! 
  9. For me its okay,its more convenient to a chaser like me that needs to do every war but if UN clan not warring i need to find which is take a lot of effort for waiting and etc. This will save time for all,
  10. Aren’t u guys desperate for tokens to cast ffa wars to get rewards ?
  11. I gotta my to try to get more info from devs on these wars but will need to wait till Monday since the one that did the change will be back then.
  12. So irresponsible. Made changes & not being around to support
  13. Doing ll wars was fun when there were 7-8 good clans with experienced warriors and wc warring together but current scenario is different there are no good clans left all are ffa wars even before lockdown we know that we will win and get easy 600 items. This new change will make the war leaderboard more competitive for people who chase top 10 or top 50. I'll support this change as ll wars will be more competitive now from last 6-7 months ll wars were just a easy way to get 600 items by fixing wars, now atleast everyone will try to win and make wars more competitive. I hope that peeps who cast multiple accounts will get ss for atleast a month. Happy Kawing.
  14. Ofc this is a good change for moles, semi actives, action hunters & people who couldn't join a good LL war clan!

  15. Yes its a good change, seeing the current pathetic condition of ll wars its a good change. This change would have affected war quality if it was implemented a year ago when we had 7-8 good War clans. But current situation is completely different. Its better to have 1-2 moles/inactive in a war rather than having 15 alts who will fix war even before war has started and outcome of war we all know even before lockdown. So yaa seeing the current scenario this is a positive change atleast for people who chase top 10, top 50 (I'm not one of them). I'll be happy with 1-2 moles in a war but I don't wanna see 15 alts in a clan throwing war for 15 main accounts and these 15 will enter top 10 war event lb depending on their activity in other wars.
  16. Whats a good clan yours? Lol, u are just lucky coz ll wars has lack of wcs, if they go back to wars it should be good,but the prob is no more wc left these days ,of course those chaser will join winning clan, the other team is stacked and other is ffa, which before war started we already know who is gonna win,if u are a good wc u can also do that in indi style, its no difference,u have skills,and people will follow you,if ur clan start losing im sure those warriors joining u will leave, as if u dunno u war already in ages
  17. I can also roster and fill of good warriors if i can,i dont need to join a good clan of yours ,i can roster mine,im just not free,rostering takes time,thats my point
  18. ,so stay humble lol
  19. These are the reason why lowland is not good for some warriors

    First: they need to look for a clan for about 10-15mins (take rl time) these are for those no home in lowland war clan

    2nd: lets say they got accepted and already in clan, they need to wait for buildings to match against opponent for about 40-45mins before they can cast so they need to check every now and then (takes rl time again)

    3rd: worst part is changing all buildings in lowland for 4-5 mins before sign up ends (it happens yeah lol ), if u missed changing and not enough time the clan didnt signed up coz some did not cast yet or not enough time to change, Waste for all who waited lol

    But these are just not always tho

  20. Bet it's that Rogers guy. Screwed up our Easter promo now messed up wars. Fire him