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  1. Please note. Lowland wars has aa new Individual war system added.

    The old war type is still active.

    Double Check the decription of the war in war schedules.

    Like all Indi wars You must not be in a Clan.

    Low effort thread im on a bus.

    Leave feedback here if you like. I Will update this page later or someone else can ss the picture from signup page please
  2. Great news Dave who the dev I have to kiss ass for thanks ?
  3. Lmao musang..free to kiss mine if u want
  4. Moka411 individual lol wars
  5. Moka411 individual lol wars
  6. That's a move in the right direction. Ty Dave.

    Happy KAW'ing all 
  8. More PS *Rolls Eyes*
  9. Long overdue but thank you. Keep doing what you can to make wars great again.

    One question I have.

    Why does bfa effect my size for matchmaking and bfe/charms do not??
  10. Is this serious? Are you joking?
  11. I can't provide false info lol im a mod. Ofc its true. Tell your friends

  12. Good question. Pm me and ill ask devs.
  13. WHAT!? Why,if I wanted to war with ppl idk I'd do indi.
  14. I’m sure this is another well thought out change. 
  15. I like the idea. Too many people abusing ll. Rewards should only go out to the winning clan. Why reward losing. This will also help people casting all alt clans in hopes to match them.
  16. I like the Idea of It however I think it was released without full thought behind it. No communication to the community, no information as to how many or what wars will or won’t be indi format. I think a sleepy dev pushed a button to soon without alerting people.

    However saying this I think that it’s not a bad idea it will take away those who only ee to match alts ect.

    Looking at the first ll war with indi format I can see already there is countless alts, countless moles, random builds.

    Maybe do an indi format but with LL/HL builds this would allow people to adjust builds slightly to adjust to the new indi leaks that will be showing up

    maybe do a sign up
    LL/HL indi
    KA W/O dts/DTW
    Normal Indi (charms)
    Normal LL

    This would mix it up I believe and give people different opportunities to warring
  17. Males no difference here..war times are impossible for Western Europe
  18. This is great news!!!!!