Lowland War Open Beta Test Schedule

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  1. It has double meanings. It said it won't decrease, but it also won't extend. So if I warred with 1 hour left on my EE level 5 spell on first war, will I lose it because it won't extend? :lol: :lol: Or during Monday it will keep remain 1 hour left till next day like the spell time is stopped for that beta test?
  2. LL war r simply just beautiful.
    Ppl don't join a war clan bye bye EE lol

    Start hunting a war clan to join or start one up soon or gonna be lots of tears. Lol

    1 week of no IWars so don't get caught.
  3. Devs I just wanna say you're on the right track, especially with tier 3 minimum sizes. You guys are awesome for answering all those questions ?
  4. Thanks kaw_admin 
  5. What about the mith pay out? Going to be the same or not giving mith for the beta?

    Also, would we be getting that beta tester achievement?
  6. ****Please read this and give feedback****

    How do y'all feel about adapting the matching and multiplay format from halo/CoD etc to EE in KaW? Instead of the ee war times we currently use, I think we shld just b able to join a staging room. From that room groups of warriors are randomly matched to fights. Once a group of fighters meeting the required quantity accumulates 2 clans are formed and they commence an EE war shortly thereafter. Clan size can b variant based on # of applicants in staging rooms.
    For primals perhaps a WC can form a separate clan and applicants from the staging room can apply to that primal clan.
    I feel like war times are so inconvienent and this is a huge issue for many players. Pls let me know what y'all think....
  7. Problem is human resources to say the least. Not enough staff to cover it.
  8. Honestly apart from Asia/Aus the times are overall not that inconvenient. If you struggle to take part at those times you will struggle to take part any other time. The issue is that wars take a full 2 hours to take part. 1 hour prep and 1 hour participation. No matter how you look at it you can only really judge war times by how easily you can take 2 hours out of your free time in order to participate.
  9. <3.

    You will not receive additional Mith for casting (because you can't cast for the war), but there will still be Mith rewards.*** No beta achievement.

    ***EDIT: So due to some complications, we will not be able to award Mithril fairly for the Lowland Wars launch. We'll be taking a look at addressing this moving forward***

    Would love to do something like this, but the structure of wars and length like Kezzer mentioned would have to be changed. It would be a massive undertaking.
  10. Devs,

    If my ee5 will be expired after war and I lose that war.

    will I lose all my ee5 or still at ee5 ?
  11. EE 4 if u join war with EE.. No EE if expires b4 war starts
  12. you will lose it
  13. How will ps1 pay to hit? similar to primal or more like Indi?
  14. No beta badge for participating in a beta? Ok, lol!
  15. Ps1 is a console.
    All will pay based on build mechs allow, no BFA or pots.
  16. That is the same thing as the skirmish wars concept that was proposed months ago.
  17.  @ splooger debbie downer
  18. Hey. If it gets results going, I'll do anything ...

    A N Y T H I N G

    Btw Kaw_A Thanks for your prompt responses
  19. Just to verify, the 4 spells for war will be disabled correct?
  20. correct