Lowland War Open Beta Test Schedule

Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Will we get the 300 lunorb reward on.winning the beta test wars??
  2. And.....3.......2......1.......players have found a way to exploit this.

    Kudos to the Devs for working hard on this, but it will be exploited within three wars.
  3. Developers we need new events!

    We need better events!
    We are now bored of collecting drops.from difgerent epic battle and the same monotonous PvP Blitz every weekend...
    People pay 1000s of dollars each day to get seals,horns and crystals...
    You should understand that you need to serve their needs for them to continue paying...
    Pls post the ideas you give kawmunity for new events below... :)
    Thank you!
  4. I'm asking for a friend "Sethosaurus_"

    Will our visible stats display our full build? Or will they display only LL?
  5. Devs said it on their last thread at the moment it will show full build but would like to implent ll only stats in the future if ll wars gets implanted permanently.
  6. kaw,

    please make the restart app/browser time atleast 5mins to war start or 30mins to war start nt exactly at war start . it will b helpful that way .
  8. Ezpz
  9. See u guys on Monday 
  10. Yes, event items will be dropping for these wars! :)
  11. So do we sign up with our clans? And what's the roster size my good sir?
  12. Also important is the minimum size 
  13. Do potions count in these wars?
  14. Also what about propacks and reset bonuses oh and the % achieved from certain achievements is all that disabled?
  15. Some has 10% each bonus others have 40% each bonus they already have a bigger build from that automatically making it messed up.

  16. Agree bro n its a restart to rebuilding EE.
    I'll be an odd build at the very.start til i see where it goes initially. At this point feedback will help most.
  17. Still hopeful this can be addressed it would sure be nice for others to have this.
  18. Agree not anywhere near there but they deserve a nice time slot like everyone else.
  19. So what if you do not have E Edge going into a LLWar?
  20. You will get EE if you win, like all wars, except if u lose, u don't lose ur current EE level