Lowland War Open Beta Test Schedule

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  1. So this ll wars beta test is until when? We won't need gold, we won't need allies anymore we won't need equips for these wars. Kaw is getting boring every single day. Good job devs! Sooner I can spend more time in RL & be more productive !
  2. So I'm all defense towers in LL, this makes me ineffective in these EE wars, right ?
  3. You can watch a lot
  4. Devs were are individuals ?? Should do it like switch every time. Individual then lowlands war. When individuals coming back out is my question?
  5. Ok 2 things. I believe that the mith spells are working in wars, even though you aren't able to cast when your signed up. You just cast before ya sign up. Cause I'm a ps1 build, and I assassinated, scouted and stole from a guy that was a hybrid, no towers, but got defeated. Only difference is he had all of the regular war mith spells on.

    Also what happened to everyone getting 300 orbs even if you lose? I mean seriously all I got was a health crystal back from using one in the war. I was counting on those 300 orbs to help me make my 7500 orb goal! 
  6. Tried low land wars today. Had a blast.like the old time clan wars but better .kiddos to all devs
  7. Mith spells no longer work during wars, even if done prior to sign up. Won both my wars today and some people were mithed up and it didn't change anything
  8. Ok then how do you explain my experience??? seriously I would love to know! Especially since i was full and he skoed after I failed 4 assassins, 3 scouts, and 1 steal. The only explanation for that is those mith spells! Btw noticed ya never said anything about the orb situation! What about that? Or is the mith spell crap that I dont believe one bit all ya got? which i believe that just like I believe 100% that your name is Joe shimbotsky, and that you live in a fairy castle in the land of sunshine and rainbows and to get around you ride in a flying chariot pulled by rainbow unicorns.
  9. Before I join war 12 I have ee4 and I lost war 12 but why it didn't refresh my ee?? And now my ee4 disappear.. What happen?? I don't mind u drop a level but not all ee4
  10. Read the thread you are posting on.
  11. I like the wars one my clan did was fun but i think this would do better as an indi war would nust be more fun that way i think
  12. I did war 19 tonight had a good time.one question had a bad lagyime in first 15mminutes.rebooted device twice .still had lsg was there s sever problem? Still like the format.
  13. I didn't read the entire thread, so sorry if this has been brought up already. There is a problem with the opt-in and sign up algorithm that allows others to still cast WOC after a roster of 15 is signed up and roster is locked. If this happens the roster is DQ'd when it goes to matchup, ruining the chance of the first 15 from participating. Can you do something about this please?
  14. I support ll wars. War 1-4 was laggy as expected but the patch helped. I also support the idea of Indi ll wars. Or just regular Indi thrown in the schedule. Maybe for mith payouts on ll wars we can just receive 14 less mith( the average a player will cast in regular war) with top plunderers on the losing team receiving a very small amount as well.
  15. These LL wars are great. It's a lot of fun to try different builds quickly (cheap conversion). Hope u to see bfe added at some point. If bfa is added please keep it reasonable so we don't have to spend a year buying up allies. And give a warning so people can get prepared. With ll build bfa have huge effect and

  16. Devs NEVER. EVER. EVER. Said you'd get 300 orbsb for a loss.
  17. TPS1 EXPLOIT...Of course the HANSELS again prove it is a dominant player in exploited builds in EE. Guild Hansel, Shadow Hansel, Super Shadow Hansel, and now the Towered Pure Spy w/ 1 attack bldg. What I call TPS1...full roster of these guys and unless opponent roster has setup to shut down this type of roster(min. 6sdt....7sdt preferably) hybrids and towered attacks gonna be sitting with full TROOP bars and no spies while being skimmed by STEALS.
    Be Aware Roster Makers,WC's, and PLAYERS... TOWER UP AND HAVE GOOD Spy Defense. Remember Troops regen every 5 Minutes...be fast and you will catch those troops (wr works great for this) and plunder is yours. Without BFE and BFA any good solid sdt towered roster will shut down the all TPS1 Roster...
  18. So LL wars are just for fun?? Edge is cool but no one wants to war for 5 mith with the risk of losing their edge. Why not just let us cast mith like before and let it count towards our mith earnings. But keep the actual stat boost from happening. So in a way I guess it's like gambling mith :).
  19. All ps1 rosters are easy to beat lol.... Have attack build 0 gold (if you use them) or run hybrid tanks and hansels. It's not even an exploit, not like it's game breaking in ee like sh/lb rosters.

    Change how you build, and roster to expect hansels. (Moral of the story here)
  20. Warred against pvp beasts they had all ps1 roster we. Beat them without one of us getting ko. All ps1 roster is vunrable just need to get tactics right.