Lowland War Open Beta Test Schedule

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  1. Is there any way to block turdburglars from warring? Guys who plunder 14th have lowest actions and have the biggest mouth when u lose ?...id like to see that implemented. Make wars a turdburglar free zone
  2. Mith 100% still active in wars even though clearly says that it won't be!!
  3. Pure bs. Apparently I just fail bombed att on a build with 1 stable. Wth!!
  4. Yeah I just fb att on you riz. I'm done with these wars. Did y'all just throw this together without any thought at all?
  5. how a ps can fail first steal on an attac bild if no bonus no pots no mith no bfa and no bfe are on ?
  6. GH vs towers can easily
  7. Please make s6 with similar equip as s5 ! I and many others prefer 1 piece of awesome equip over 6 slightly better
  8. I still havent seen an explaination from Devs of why DTS/DTW was an issue if only LL stats were taken into account. I think a proper explaination is required, in case there are other factors everyone should consider.

  9. Same reason other clans were able to mith when its supposed to be off and some clans bfe/bfa was on they are running tests with other variables on and off without telling us which was stupid because ...like we wouldnt notice. Everyone would have been accepting of this had they not flat out lied for some reason and said bfe/bfa off no mith lowland stats only and no bonuses....why lie devs? You are just making people mad and frustrated for no reason. Its beta and you lose nothing...so just admit what we now already know we are the mice on the wheel chasing the cheese and you keep changing the speed of the wheel.
  10. @SILPH

    From page 11 of LL War feedback thread

  11. Guyz chill...there are mistakes gonna happen! Kaw had clearly stated that... we need to understand that this is a beta test for the same reason!
    I have another advice: As you have included these wars for newbies so that they too can have a good experience, yall have done a great job... the inly thing is that if you have included nrwbies, you should exude overexperienced players...
  12. If u going to test it at least have clans that are participating in it for us to join this sucks so far.
  13. yesterday 14 clans participated...
  14. uwot?

    9 wars atm, thats 18 clans if u math irl.
  15. Lost my first war. Got 0 success on CR 1 to 14 in war who had mith spells. Only 4 success on CR 15 who had no mith. System is broken or buggy because I have all max buildings in ll. Attk, asst, sct, stl ALL FAILED.
  16. If you are going to tax plunder, you should give plunder reward. Also I still would like a full regen of troop/spy after war. Makes it less painful to war.
  17. Just disable all mith spells cast once war clock pops up...cant allow people to exploit another broken devs system and kill it before it even gets off the ground.
  18. Thats not the problem.. The problem is that I can cast before we sign up and it carrys over as stats and gets used in battle calculations.. Theres not really a way to change it besides editing the calculations, or as fonzy said, and I fully support, implementing the mithreward system
  19. the first war had many glitches but the 2nd war and further were improved ones i guess.
    I liked these wars and I would just suggest keep BFA/BFE disabled in future wars also.
  20. I dont get why they changed war in middle of event cuz that makes it hard for some ppl like me that get 60-80% event items from waring