Lowland War Open Beta Test Schedule

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  1. We've just completed our final round of internal testing for Lowland Wars and are excited to say that we'll be starting our Open Beta Testing next week!

    Known Issues

    As this is an Open Beta Test, there are a few technical limitations that you will encounter. Should Lowland wars become a permanent addition we will work to resolve these.

    This means that at the start and end of a war you will see a Session Expired message and will need to restart the game. This is to ensure the game properly reflects the troop count and buildings from the Lowlands on your screen.

    In addition, due to the nature of Lowland Wars not supporting Mithril Spells Mithril payout from wars will not happen as this is based on the Mithril spells a player casts. We will be looking into potential alternatives and systems to bring Mithril rewards back in the near future.

    War Schedule

    Lowland wars will begin at 1PM PST on Monday, November 16th and will continue to run for the duration of the week in the following timeslots each day.

    8AM - 9AM PST
    1PM - 2PM PST
    7PM - 8PM PST
    11PM - 12AM PST

    Estoc's Edge

    To encourage players to participate we'll have it so winning increases EE by 1 Level as normal, but losing will not decrease (though will also not extend) your EE.

    Regen Refunds

    As this is a test of the Lowland Wars all regens used during a war will be refunded in the form of a Health Crystal at the end of the war. This will only happen during the Open Beta Test period

    War Details

    Read more about Lowland Wars, and further details on the Open Beta Test here.

    Building Lock

    With lowland wars, your buildings will lock as soon as you opt-in to war by casting Wave of Conflict.

    Sharing Feedback

    As you participate in the Lowland War Open Beta Test we hope that you'll share your feedback with us in the Lowland Wars Open Beta forum section.
  2. My clans want me for these wars?
  3. Can't wait, KaW_com.
  4. Re: Lowland War Open Beta Test Schedul

    Oo testing time :D
  5. Time to save up money, so I can change builds in ll. Time to start thinking off a build to change to. :)
  6. Awesome I am all ready ty
  7. Re: Lowland War Open Beta Test Schedul

    Also, are we going to be given info on whether towers will still be effective or is that part of the beta? I'm too lazy 
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    Towers are pretty useless for now as bfe, bfa, and pots will not be counted in the ll wars for now. Will likely see hybrid mostly in ll wars.
  9. Omnomnom
  10. Re: Lowland War Open Beta Test Schedul

    Umm, pretty sure that makes towers MORE desirable, as it is your only static stat with everything else off.
  11. Towers won't be able to land any successful hits on other as can plunder because of bfe and bag in indi at the moment. So build types between different rosters will be very interesting to see. :)
  12. How will full attack LL do in these wars? 
  13. How will this effect ee spells gain lose or no change during these wars
  14. Leak tons of ATTACK kos
  15. I am curious too.
  16. Good question.

    To encourage players to participate we'll have it so winning increases EE by 1 Level as normal, but losing will not decrease (though will also not extend) your EE.

    Main post has been updated with this info.
  17. Sounds good hopefully alot show up instead of focusing on stupid event
  18. Nice, gonna get a lot of inactives. 
  19. Pretty sure ee spell will be the same. Lose war means lose lvl and same for win wars equal ee lvl upgrade.

    If devs were try to turn ee off for this type of wars, it would an insanely more amount of code if don't have classes just for ee lvl.

    Class is code term to anyone who doesn't know. :)

    Nevemind, won't lose ee lvl for losing wars. Devs have explained it. :D