Lowland War Feedback

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  1. Does hybrid mechanics depend on LL lands only or is it still based on all lands
  2. Ll only
  3. Cool thnx
  4. Thanks for the constructive feedback so far! Here are some things we are in the process of addressing (note that these changes won't necessarily be ready for the next wars)

    Starting with the first war tomorrow, we will be trying Lowland Wars with DTS/DTW off. You might get beat up, but at least you can take a swing at the bully.

    We weren't blocking the cast, but I can assure you the stat spells did NOT work (you would see them on your profile but they were not considered in battle calculations). Next time we will be blocking you from casting during the prep period.

    We will be updating remote profiles (the profile view you see when you look at someone else) to only include LL stats IF you AND the person you are looking at are in a LL war together. This won't be ready for the next wars, but it's en route.

    We wanted to do this, but in the interest of getting these Wars out to you as quickly as possible we opted to forego it for now. It's on our to-do list though.

    We will be changing this up so you guys can still sweep the other team while KO'd.
  5. I disagree with that. I have only 1 coe on ll but i managed to stop every troop action against me
  6. It wouldn't let me upgrade my buildings after I have casted Wave of Conflict. This was before sign ups were final too.

    Please fix this as not being able to upgrade or build is a huge disadvantage when warring with another side in ll wars as stats are barely different but any little is a huge difference in the entire war.
  7. Surely attacks are only dependent on Ll stats so why should dtw DTS matter?
  8. It's cause in the code, they forgot to turn it off. I am just hoping it's solved by now as the clan I am facing off has more ppl to big for me to hit than I can hit.

  9. Thats the way it is supposed to be from what I understand, at the given moment.
  10. Devs please answer the question about towers. Are they a factor or are they a useless building for this type of war?
  11. Strange i SEE people casting spells and i could not win any action on them...
  12. Warred on alt Hansel, Couldn't even scout, steals, assassinate, But opponent could do all of those.

    Please fix it.
  13. Terrible experience. EE should renew for participation even if for half the normal time.
  14. Not sure if this is true since we are in a war now and the only ppl not failing every action on either side are the ppl with mith on. We have 1 with a cpl mith on and the only fails incoming or outgoing for them are against people with mith on.

    30 mins into the war and it's 28 to 157 attacks won. Please explain how this is possible if all the mith they have cast isn't a factor. We know it's a beta and accept that the xtal will be returned but it seems there is something wrong with this aspect.
  15. So basically attack builds are dead
  16. Make sure you have full pro packs and full clan bonuses
  17. DTS issue. Also, the spells castes prewar seem to be active. It's kinda messing us up.
  18. In pretty much every war (pretty much all are blowouts) it seems the difference in the scores are tilted heavily towards the side with the most mith.
  19. Having a few DTS/DTW problems. I see multiple people have already stated this but would like to mention how un-fair it can be. Although this is just a test would like to maybe see some sort of compensation. Obviously if none is given it's understandable. But would probably encourage people to continue warring.
  20. We all experienced dts and also seemed the mith on other side work against us.