Lowland War Feedback

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  1. Its a beta. A test. Im sure you'll all get some achievment or something. Hope its only a week though,my ee needs renewal next week. Thiugh I thought winning wars gave 300 orbs for the event? Unlikely to happen this week eh?
  2. Poll:

    put up ur hand if u post without reading the beta test rules n regs
  3. What rules?
  4. I see thanks still sucks
  5. Turn off hit restrictions, in my war I couldn't do 1 action for the whole war people everyone was "DTS" for me to get a action in really ruins the whole concept
  6. Hate that i have to do these dumb wars on my war acc or else my ee will expire. Couldve planned a few indi's at least.. now i have to do ll wars, find a good clan to war in and if i lose my ee still expires, yay
  7. Renew sooner...problem solved
  8. EE lasts for two weeks, and should you have waited until the last week to renew it these Lowland Wars still give it out. Players wanted us to focus on the war system and we are.
  9. Isnt too hard to just program that you lose 1 level of ee when you lose, like in every other war format. It's idiotic that it doesnt reset the ee timer in these wars
  10. See comment above.
  11. Ee lasts for 2 weeks, you answered your own question you can renew it anytime before the 2 weeks is up well you should be able to the sooner you bring back loss of ee levels the better.
  12. Wow. All the other questions regarding whether mithril spells cast prior to war may have still affected power, whether clan bonuses affected strength, whether towers work on the LL, the fact that all the enemy shows up when they are not, etc. etc. and THAT is the comment you choose to respond to?

    How about responding to the more substantive questions about how the wars actually work?
  13. /lock
    Lack of effort
  14. I think temporary stat changes would make it easier for seeing enemy builds as well.
  15. Wait wut?
  16. lol support
  17. Towers were not very effective. Troop numbers seen more important than build. Another war system that favors the ps1. Oh goody.
  18. Lag was the major issue. Was fun war people in clan had hit restriction, but did not find and issue myself. Maybe to make ll a little more exciting, add 20-40 mith payout of a win like the orbs. You can keep mith, bfa, bfe disabled but give us a little something for the dedication of putting teams together! Thanks got giving xstals back makes war a little less stress fun cause you can burn it and not worry about the win or lose!
    Keep up the good work. Looks promising! Love how easy it is to change build!
  19. WAR 1

    Positives- Even Match
    Easy to change build on the fly.

    Negatives- towers seem pretty useless at this level of play.

    Glitches- while sweeping, team members who were koed saw every enemy as up regardless if they were up or koed.
    Could not see actual lowland stats on enemy profile page.

    What I'd like to see- Use of atleast the first rows of the items.
    Use of atleast the 1 mith spells
    Classic and Adv ko mixed in
    BFE implimentation
    No BFA implimentation

  20. In regards to five- it allows you to cast but it doesnt take effect in the war... Noticed in our war