Lowland War Feedback

Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. 1. Was fun warring with clannies and other such misfits.
    2. Allot of people report they get dts when trying to hit people that can hit them.
    3. Getting hit by someone that says their ko is annoying, especially when you see someone else ko them a few minutes later.
    4. Stats need to show on profile.
    5. Pre ee mith needs to be frozen or something.
    6. I think this may actually become fun down the line. Good idea devs.
  2. Wow you really removing comments now?
  3. Hit restrictions a big problem as said

    Allot of glitches like people who are up game saying there down and vise versa

    And the big not being able to see only ll build

    Other then the usual problems everyone had, id say it was Allot of fun
  4. Was a reasonable questions since Devs are trying to nerf all exploits in these wars, I was just pointing it out
  5. Positives-

    New experience
    Very competitive and tactical
    Fun and enjoyable
    LL builds so easy and cheap to adapt


    Dts on. People higher in the opposing clan could hit you but you couldn't hit them leading to xtals being eaten and not being able to do anything about it.

    Lag- usual tbh...

    was very hard to work out what build we were hitting. Without a big ps at the start to scout through and get information it would have been impossible to wc.

    No Mith payout. I know Mith is not needed for these wars but is an incentive that will make people more interested in playing.

    Everyone is seen to be as up so sweeping when ko is not effective at all.

    Other than that- thanks for a variation in wars devs
  6. -Fun warring with friends so good on KaW for that.

    -Towers didn't seem to do much if anything
  7. Are towers seriously useless?
  8. Unfortunately that seemed to be true as well.
  9. Weaken pots for just wars. This way, there will be no worries about having to change ur awesome tower ll build
  10. For Ebs and other pvp events, keep the regular strength
  11. Good towers are useless again.

    That's what u get turtles 
  12. Was really too many issues for this to be a fun or worthwhile experience, more of a headache than anything. Won't be doing any more LL wars unless the many issues are corrected.
  13. Nah peeps fail over me out of ee and I don't even have many towers its great
  14. A quick question I don't expect a answer as you deleted my other comment. Why hasn't my ee renewed for losing? I'd rather lose a level and it renew than keep ee 4 and have to keep doing these bs wars to stop it from going to 0.
  15. It was stated in the original thread it won't be renewed for losing
  17. These fixes seem to be doable... My only concern is wether towers will be included or not... I'm ok with either, just need to know
  18. The dts/dtw mechanics seem to create problems.Especially if you cannot see the stats of your opponent. This also makes it difficult to make a strategy. Combined with late messages of hits it gives chaos.

    Funny that dts/dtw is messing up because it's only lowlands stats that are taking in consideration.

    Nevertheless it was fun
  19. Gee says it all lol
  20. No troops all war...that's a major glitch...sort it out or stop wasting my time