Lowland War Feedback

Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. My Troop Count got reflect in The last 24 min of The War...
  2. Easy fix, scout enemy before hand and take note of their buildings, then input into kawculator for ll stats
  3. Wasted a lot of funds to change a build that doesn't even work well. Smh.
  4. DTS happening, super annoying.

    I had numerous periods where it seemed wifi wasn't working or something, I needed to restart app.

    And not seeing LL cs super annoying.
  5. Its beta trash it what it was lol when u cant even hit their top 9 in clan cuz of a glitch but they can hit u ofc ima be mad.
  6. The war was great. There was a few issues like the dts.. And not being able to see their stats is very hard to play with.

    But overall this is what wars need to be. My clan finally got to war together again
  7. Overall Lowland wars is much more better as not only do you get to war with friends in a competitive battle but also being build complete has no advantage. Therefore tradegy and skill is what is required for victory. Moving into the path devs keep it up.
  8. I admit that can be done, but devs said they had that figured out and obviously didn't. Lesson here . . . don't trust the devs. :)
  9. Agree with this.
  10. Troop glitch on first regen out of pin, showing troops but reporting 0

    We really need to see what builds we are hitting

    Other than that good war 1
  11. Any other clan find it impossible to scout a ps/ps1 unless you were ps/ps1 yourself?
  12. that's because you use no pots whereas normally scouting is used with full pots but the defender doesn't hence scout bombs were invented.
  13. In general i like the concept and i applauded the devs efforts. I enjoyed the war but would like to actually see ll stats and have the option to select pots removed
  14. So is a full ps roster going to win every war then?
  15. Bigger accounts making more payout still.
    "You're to weak for this opponent"
    People self koing when they should've been knocked out by enemy.

  16. Face palm lol
  17. It could work
  18. Taking a lot of teamwork out of the war, while we are KOed we couldn't sweep to help those who needs the ups.
  19. Lag problems, as a ps with towers I was able to get sb/assassinated by a hybrid but unable to hit back. Some say mith was used. And not knowing what build you're going at is confusing.

    Otherwise. I like the idea. It's a change of scenery. I do think after beta, LL may be a hit because anyone can participate no problems. But please don't have it replace some Indi/primal times.

    Good idea, keep up the work 
  20. Completely agree with this, can't wait for more wars