Lowland War Feedback

Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Devs please make low land war as auto joining wars.. it is hard to find any war clan..
  2. Just mix it up a bit. Throw in some indy LL here n there.
  5. ps1 rosters are so unfun to play against..
  6. That would make them indys...

    Edit: not that I'm against that but I don't think devs would
  7. Simple solution would be to have 3 different war types in the mix. Indi, indi lowland and clan lowland.
  8. Devs, major lag on last low land war. Cost us the war! What happened?
  9. Can we have a war where the system randomly generates the buildings you use, that would make war more fair
  10. Rather Indi primal than LL Indi wars. LL Indi sounds awful why bother it's to even wars out and let all participate in clan wars. I do prefer primal wars though and would like primal Indi
  11. Yes make indi primal devs and kill indi then we can have all ll clan war :)
  12. This is really off topic, but did the devs stop giving out the KaWmunity 1 year achievement?
  13. This account has been active for more than a year. Why haven't I gotten it here yet?
  14. You could've just asked the Devs In actual feedback lol
  15. Support
  16. You quoted me;-;
  17. Poor baby, being quoted.
  18. StappppppÓźá
  19. Mmk