Lowland War Feedback

Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Dtw for attack, scout and steal but not assassinate? Also, I am a bit perturbed that I lost my level 3 ee because the clan lost the war, instead of simply dropping a level as normal. No other war to keep it ATM, sad. I'm done with the kiddy wars, let me know when it's grownup time.
  2. I wonder how any others lost theirs as well. That has to be frustrating.
  3. Go Ps1 with some SDT like all the others?
  4. All I can say is AWESOME. I've warred 2-3 times everyday this week, llwars are quite fun and can be intense.

    I'm hoping these do become permanent, I've been a tank since S1, never thought I would ever change my build but heck, for these I went hybrid after 4-5 wars and I haven't had this much in kaw in ages.

    Hoping to see these used in some clan events, since events seem to be pushing kaw now.

  5. Not interested till I get to use my whole build
  6. Regen timer is off n not a full 5mins
  7. Yep, mines been Regenning between 4:53 and 4:58; been having to spam for the 10 secs before the timer goes to zero in order to keep troops pinned.
  8. Well keep up on event announcemments.
    U had a week to win a war also.
    U Were burned playing the renewal game.

    Only yourself to blame.
  9. Hybrid tanks still rule. I have yet to be out-plundered by a Hansel when I dump spies and skim attacks the whole war. 11 TL 4 SOS 2 ADT 7 SDT.
  10. In the last war PCs displayed troops incorrectly displaying normal troops instead of LL only. Has't happened in the past, happened to numerous on our roster on PC, and hasn't happened before.
    EDIT: Reloading did not fix the issue
  11. One week in and LL wars have plummeted in participation dramatically.

    Any chance of you adding more improvements to the system?

    Your amazing new hard thought out war format is just mini primal wars with crap rewards and glitches.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, primal was your biggest flop to date, you've recreated the exact same crap, granted exploit clans like  on a battlefield have to think now but still, get away from the primal scene ASAP please.

    In a nutshell, come do mini primals for the chance to win 5 MITH for equipment that costs thousands to buy/enchant.

    No support 
  12. Gave it a shot .. total garbage

    I have played since before season 1 and every time they "fix" or "enhance" the war system it gets worse now it's total garbage. I get more enjoyment playing Rock Paper Sissors with local hobos

    Back to kaw vacation
  13. Win mith that is useless .. can't use spells or equipment in ll wars so yea makes zero sence.

    Hey want to buy a lottery ticket , the winner gets currency that isn't used anywhere in the world. LMAO

    And you idiots keep handing ata your dollar bills and thinking apes laugh at your stupidity.
  14. Are u not hibernating?
  15. Well if I had no life like you I would hangout in forum and refresh every 10 seconds to see if anyone posted a reply.

    But I see that position is already filled.
  16. U need a paper route
  17. For two ll war times in a row there only been 1 war the incentive to war is not there for many mith means nothing I got around 3k unused because event equipment is far better at lv1 than mith equipment lv10.
    Get aqua/inferno crux chests or seals to also drop even a temporary war chest that u can open 1hr before war that gives boost to stats or a bonus to help these might get ppl to the table
  18. Remind you llwars was a beta test last week, also how many were warring due to high number for event items for a win? So yes many warred and event is now over so they're back to whatever they do.

    Give it time, it was beta they will tweak it and I'm sure they'll work on the rewards.

  19. Ok, my first thought is that there should be a classic ko ll, because, although, I'm a hansel, there is a disadvantage for the tanks now that they have to compete in random and adv only because of the skim steals strategy. Also, (this idea isn't fully formed but I'm hoping one of you take it and run with it) I think there should be someway to gain an advantage in ll wars. I know it's to make things even, but with no way to get an upper hand there's not much incentive to grow past low lands and all mine and others hard work is kinda useless. With all that being said, I think these wars are a great addition to kaw and look forward to further progress in promoting ee and pvp. That is all, you all may return to whatever reality you live in. ?️