Lowland War Feedback

Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Highland wars would be pretty fun
  2. Low land wars are meant to benefit all new players. This is surely not the case. All big hitters can adjusted there ll as and when needed. But this will not be the case for new players. If they build towers it will stop them from growing as there plunder will be reduced?
    As for many players who have fallen In to the trap of not being able to get on a winning team , not only do you not gain ee but if your timer runes out you can go from ee 5 to 0 where in a normal primal you would go to ee4. Devs please re look at this and also people who would have only dropped by one ee and not 4-5
  3. It's not too bad, overall. I would love the implementation of this regularly, because it lets literally anyone to participate, and so its better than individuals.

    I would also like the continuation of these war crystals, they really do make a difference of warring again or not
  4. Then war once before it runs out to renew or even just to keep your EE higher, better to lose 1 level than 4 or 5 from not caring, but anyone who gets 4 or 5 should care enough about the extra plunder to renew it lol
  5. Aye, why doesn't the EE spell timer not reset upon a loss?

    If the aim is to encourage war participation, disabling the ability to renew EE on a loss is a step in the wrong direction.
  6. I agree but it changes on Monday to you lose a level of ee if you lose well i think its Monday anyway.
  7. I don't like how devs are gunning out for me
    This is the 4th time I have been matched against DOTB.
  8. You can beat them.
  9. Yo, reset bonuses, pp and clan bonuses are in affect right?
  10. Glitch is horrible n reset many times

    Gotta fix it pronto
  11. Freeze you beat them with me yesterday why you complaining lol
  12. In low land wars, pots count is required. I being an attack tank failed 85% of my action. Jst made 9 action in war after being whole war up wit no inc first 30min.
  13. Attack tanks don't preform very well against certain rosters. Clans now are finally figuring things it and might want to reconsider your build.
  14. Any chance to see opponents LL stats earlier
  15. Its awesome to be able to war with the fam again , 2/3, so far so good .
  16. LL wars are fun! Just one ask- please balance attack plunder with steal plunder! Several clans are rostering 10 hansel's for wars. Steals are still paying WAY more than attacks are. Ty️
  17. How much do steals pay at full from a hansel?
  18. 5 mil for a steal at full and 6 mil for an atk build at full. Not too sure about that. Spy heavy rosters are not very good.
  19. Yea fonzy u might be right my 1st 2 steals tonight was for only 4 mil but I was also around 20% spy biggest I seen tonight was 33 mil from me
  20. 19 SOS 1 COE 4 SDT is over 6m 1st hit easily. I think 5.7m for 17..1..6