Lowland War Feedback

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  1. Prob just odd clan out
  2. Not sure this was addressed but the ee not renewing for a loss is making ppl lose their hard earned lvl's. if there is only ll wars this needs to fixed.
  3. Ya I agree terror that's most likely the reason. It just used to be last clan to sign up i thought and that clearly isn't the case anymore.
  4. I have all SOS on lowlands, so warring as a ps.

    I come out of ko and get a successful steal and sko my spies with one action. Then I sit there wondering why cc doesn't show my sko update.

    10 seconds later... Someone gets an attack ko on me. Didn't know that was possible. Awesome.
  5. Get rid of wc during war on iphone
    it sux n needless.
  6. Should have just gone with hlbc wars because 90% of all who warring are hlbc or very close to being hlbc. It would bring a little more variety to the wars.
  7. Couldn't
  8. Netflix got 2 no matches in a row. Any reason for that? As doesn't seem fair when same clans gets it 2x a row.
  9. These wars are really good now... It sucks for big huge guys that have spent loads of money for historically great EE builds, but everyone has to admit that these LL are very fun and should be a success... Now just incorporate more incentives to get not warring guys in and we are cool... It's not even needed to use highlands in the future. Just the way it is seems great
  10. Not sure if this is off topic but just got my first no match. Why does tvp not drop event items? Invested a lot of time in a clan preparing for war. Get a no match then spend nearly 2 hours completing tvp. Couldn't you give some orbs as compensation considering we weren't even given a chance to earn the 300 I'm sure most of us are doing these wars for?
  11. best war format i've seen so far. seems impossible to exploit...so far. every war i've been in has been close and exciting.
  12. Need to make everyone get the same as if they were at max bfa. This would make the plunder for att builds better and make steals from hansels not as important. Atm steals from hansels is paying the best cause max plunder doesnt affect steals. So i say if u just make payouts for attacks as if everyone had max plunder then u would see a better mix of strategy and builds. Max plunder was why primals sucked because steals paid the most. To win wars should be based on attacks not steals.
  13. What's the point? Do something new and try to make it fun.
  14. Low land wars are the laziest thing you could of done to attempt to fix EE. Congrats on taking all the hard work and effort the majority have put into the rest of game.
  15. How have they taken all the hard work and effort?
  16. Drastic,
    These are just beta of a new system. I believe there's a good chance in time to see:

    ~ Highland Wars
    ~ Hoarfrost Wars
    ~ Abyss Wars

    So everyone can war thier tier with what they've accomplished and spent on thier account. These are for testing right now and could pave way for the wars just mentioned.

    ~ TG
  17. Yup

    One step at a time. Participation dictates how far these wars can go. FYI I'm big n enjoy LL War just fine. Took a lil gettin used to but overall its a very good beginning.
  18. Sorry guys lowland wars should always be what we do. Creating more tiers in a war system where on a good day there's 8 matches.. Is not smart
  19. I see you still haven't made it so I can upgrade after casting wave of conflict and 2 hours before I am even matched please sort it out thank you.