Lowland War Feedback

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  1. Got KO'D when i still had troops and spies
  2. Wouldn't let me hit there rooster because 'attacker to weak', kept displaying they were down when they had xtaled and were pinning me. When I finally could hit all I could do was attack, my spies were full but wasn't able to hit with them
  3. Also, I instinctively press all pots when I attack. If it was possible to remove the pot screen during attacks/spy actions in LL war that would be a great improvement
  4. God youre a brat.. Its a beta!
  5. Pretty much everything failed:

    (1) no lowland stats, no way to plan war
    (2) everyone shows up on the other side even if ko'd
    (3) Your own Ko regen timer is off and you can come up early.

    Will augment with more. But frankly very disappointing start.


    (4) it appears that clan bonus percentages still are affecting power
    (5) an enemy player that had cast mith well before war was virtually untouchable . . . were his mith spells deactivated for war?
  6. Need the knocked out message when in ko and sweeping as it said whole roster was up even if they ko.
    Need to show ll stats only as soon as match up is made.
    But other than that think ours worked well
  7. Re: Lowland War Feedbac

    Even though this is a beta the lack of effort shows with this first war. Some things were just not thought out at all
  8. сouldn't hit ppl back. They'd be in my nf, but when u try hitting says I am to weak for that opponent.
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    My clan specifically failed 90% of our spy actions even on those coming up from repin without spy towers. Not right
  10. lol at some of you crying about a beta test war 
  11. Too much lag, One of my menbers could not hit anyone using android , and mistmatch
  12. Support!
  13. Lol, experienced virtually no lag. Only problem was they were showing all up for me when I was down.

    Other than that it was fantastic
  14. As has been mentioned:

    Lowland stats didn't update although the troop counts did. So I still had the stats of my full build on my profile but my troops and spies showed those reflecting lowlands. As moody says this makes a lot of the targeting guess work hoping for success.

    Hit range although it never affected me as I was mid range in the clan (cr5) most of our smaller players were able to be hit but not retaliate to their top few players.

    If pots are not usable during wars why not just remove the select items screen? This would make the wars seem more streamlined and well designed.

    Overall the wars seem more balanced looking at the wars just completed however the bugs seem to have favored some teams more than others (mainly hit ranges.)
  15. I got an odd mix of DTS, could sometimes attack people but would then get DTS when trying to spy them. I was also seeing people as KO'd when others were seeing them as up... certainly some fixes needed but like it so far!
  16. 1.) Get inc from people, go to hit back, ko, have cc check, and theyre up, affected everyone. Sometimes up's were able to be hit other times they showed Ko..

    2.) App closed a few times

    3.) Stats, but thats not a big deal for the first war..
  17. I was easily stolen with 900k sdt that is over half of the possible spy attack. I didn't defend a single spy action. Do towers not work?
  18. Can't hit anyone but lowest person because I'm DTS....
  19.  Support
  20. I notice that Also... My towers were no match