Lowland War Feedback

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  1. Sorry Slay. It's not that expensive. I feel you should pay a bit if you want to mess around with your build.
  2. Better devs wars are close now never know who will win to the last second. Much more intense.
  3. Just fix the lag, other than that these ll wars are getting better and better by day.
  4. Can someone confirm? Are they showing enemy Stats after restart?

    @devs , please match depending Low Lands not full Build... Lock The atks until you fix The Issue.. Before War, is not fair to get Scouted while waiting for matchups .. Thx
  5. 1 Coe 17 sos 6 sdt seem to be the war build of choice I'd rather war my entire earned build thank you for the lack of options devs ?
  6. I had the app crash at 5 minutes left. Right when I crystalled. I got 3 steals in then it crashed. When I clicked kaw it was just the app picture. The loading thing wouldn't even come up. So I had to refresh the app and it took until the 2.5 minute mark for me to get back to the enemy roster.
  7. War 11 looks like some good match ups battlefields vs dotb going to be intresting
  8. Pretty good so far, I like the matches a lot more as they are always fair. One thing I would say is show the enemies build before was,

    A WC myself we are gonna get the builds either but having to scout is just an extra unnecessary step for us.
  9. Its good how you now show the CS & that you have managed to fix the mith issue. I'm truly enjoying this series of wars & I think it's great how easily you can change builds around on the lowlands. Imo you guys have done a good job with this attempt to fix Wars & a very good job listening to our feedback & adjusting accordingly.
    Respect & Ty 2x
  10. The mith is still bad? Cause few people I failed on we're castes. Also the lag was intense. It took 30+ seconds for me to get inc notifications. When I xtaled, the oracle would close. And the app crashes 2+ times during the war.
  11. Im sorry but ur actual build would get slaughtered xD
  12. Do we get an achievement for testing these wars lol
  13. Wait did kaw community just throw shade? Almost feel like going ballistic but I won't even go the your customer service is garbage route. Question what the hell are we beta testing again? Do you not know how to fix these issues? Hearing the same thing as usual. Half thought out roll out simple issues that you fixed years ago. The problem is you just don't play the game therefore you do not love the game. If you actually worked 12-15 hours days and use Kaw as a break from real life you would understand your consumer market better. What target segment of your market asked for LL wars? 1-5% is my guess. What company really does something for 1-5% of their market that doesn't make up 95% of their revenue? Please go public or something so I can not invest in ATA and I can do this all day please kaw community try to criticize your customer and tell them when they should renew ee again that had to be a joke. Need to take some lessons from the developers at Coc every update are things the community wanted and asked for to make the game better. Just saying what are the odds that a company would listen to the consumers of their product. What phase of the PLC is kaw in again. Decline phase more than likely and has been for years more than likely. So your executive business decision to increase revenue is LL wars that's interesting.
  14. For the record nope I didn't participate in LL wars yet too busy saving the world but I didn't do this war once 5 years ago that seems the same wait oh never mind unbothered
  15. Solace you are as close minded as the devs 
  16. I feel like mith helps im on a 4L 0W streak, everyone iv faced was mith. I feel like mith does help i failed like a chump on a mini take with 7 spy towers last night. Does mith help or what?
  17. Mith did work but now it doesn't.
  18. For the record I did participate in one LL war and yeah that's not happening again. Objective issues
    1. Boring
    2. Boring
    3. Boring
    4. Boring
    5. Boring
    6. Boring
    7. Boring
    8. Boring
    9. Rather use a sh exploit then sit through an hour of that again.
    10. All the above

    Ok here is my two cents. Once again please take some of the war type ideas for consideration. Tell me what was or still is the main purpose behind Estoc wars Primal wars Ll wars. Since I do not know I cannot help. So I will guess. Your a business so you need to turn a profit. The best business strategy for you is to encourage people to spend money on some aspect of the game. So if you have events you can chase the equipment chasers money but wars is where you can target another segment of your consumer base correct. That is why we added PVP to the events correct. You use to alienate those that were in OSW or wanted to have more PVP events. Ok I will run with the you want to encourage participation which means more xtals etc etc. So you continuously redesign that product to appeal to the masses. So you got guys in your design and development team that more than likely do not have a KAW account for 5 years making decisions for all of KAW no Bueno. I don't want to even get into how effective market research is when you introduce a new product into a market or a different upgraded design of an existing product. So to back on track it is in your best interest to listen to your target market and give them what they want within reason. The decisions you have made over the last 3 years have actually had a reversal effect. They have effectively made consumers reject your new product and stop either paying for it or pay a lot less than what they used to. You can run my purchase history and see exactly when I stopped supporting the ATA product. It's a very hard dip right around season 3 I believe. Anyways back on track. So the biggest issues that the community had was the sh exploit, bad matchup algorithms, and being penalized for equipment they either purchased or won thorough out the years, or how that manifested itself into a PS1 build that had too many advatages(debateable) people voted it's unbalanced. So not once did I see one forum post asking for ideas from your target market. Literally companies spend in the upwards of a couple hundred thousand dollars doing surveys etc to get the feel for how their product will be recieved etc etc. You could really do it for free. Create a forum thread where you invite the season warriors of kaw to communicate ideas to make the warring system better. This will allow all of the people who have been with you since day one to communicate frustrations and ideas that you pay someone maybe 50k to do a year and you could do it for free. I have met some smart people in my 5 years on kaw and I'm sure you can take some ideas and produce a better product one time than shot gun blasting hoping you'll hit something that's not good marksmanship. So to wrap this up since I'm technically at work atm here is my idea that I think if your goal is to get more people to plan this game and spend more money you can try. Not saying it's the end all be all but it is what I think will be fun with minimal impact to your existing software and coding. Keep the Same format you have now clan wars and individual wars same war types random classic and advantage. You do one format that appeals to everyone. Only difference is in two of the 3 formats you can build your own complete build. How to regulate this just my suggestion. You beta test what you are doing now Ll only wars Hl LL HF Abyss. Then you allow warriors within a clan to build whatever they want as long as they put a building on every plane. I thought about doing it by CS so that way clans can choose what tier they want to war in. For example the bigger clans more experience will cast woc and sign up for tier 1 this is a CS range of let's say 1.5-1.7 tril no one can be under or over. So in the first 30 minutes of war that wc can dictate what builds he wants as long as they build they all. This will ensure that all matches within that tier are with in the same cs range. The tier below is capped out at 1.2 cs etc etc. I know I'm over simplifying it but the idea I think is exciting. Think of the endless possibilities or think of the problems you just solved. 1 bring clan loyalty back 2 no bad matches from a cs perspective 3 no one has to pay anything to war as a different mechanic 4 no exploits I can think of one way to enforce is to populate all the building at the start of matchup and you can only replace a building you can't delete a building then it's locked in at 30 mins prior and wc can plan once they see the other side. Most will probably keep the same type builds they have now but it shouldn't take that long. This will basically be the new clan wars any build you want. The individual can be the same format or just be what it is know all relative strength calculated. Round is a bit tricky but do we really care about Round wars they are pretty much dead. The big spenders can still do individual wars and all of kaw can do the clan wars like literally all of kaw can do the clan wars. Once war is over you get your build back and go back to your clans. Not sure how hard this is to do from a coding perspective or if you just move into a new slot the same way you created clans to move into for the ASW. Create fake players you move into not sure. My idea can be complete trash but it is one idea I think a forum and a question and answer of the resources and vote from the community we can out our heads together and design something. Prince out and XOTILLWEOVERDOSE
  19. Yea after restart they are showing LL stats only
  20. Hi devs, no complaint but I do need question answered.

    What's the reason for no matches? Is it totally random? Do the builds we are using matter? We have gotten 2 and just need to know if we need to change something.

    2 no matches sign up times were 30 mins before and 45 mins before. Thanks!