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Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Post feedback on this week's Beta Lowland Wars here.
  2. DTS is happening to some of our cr's.. not allowing us to hit otheds
  3. DTS is an issue for some of my team members. A few people on bottom get DTS when going for attacks and it's slightly messing things up in my war
  4. I am DTW to all on opposing team, they are all DTS to me. Surely dtw/dts should be off in Lowland Wars? I am a useless duck for my team currently.
  5. So right now I have 4 people who can only hit the bottom 5 of the enemy roster
  6. at least they can hit people, everyone is dts to me for some reason el em ay oh
  7. Why are they all random? Really curious, thank you.
  8. Maybe because in a random KO, people are guaranteed to come up till the last second. (If got koed/skoed before :5)
    This gives players maximum time to observe and probably give Co structure feedback.
    It's in a way increasing your sample space.
  9. This war sucks lol we getting hammered by them and yet half cant hit back cuz it says you are too weak for this opponent. This one sided garbage is worst then primal 
  10. Says everyone is up in other side when u have troops or spies when ko'd.
  11. Difficult determining initial targets.... have to scout other side and do the math (adjusted for ll) to determine stats / who is good target. Ability to scout goes away when game is reloaded. Is it possible to show adjusted stats somewhere on profile page?

    Can't use items or mith, but still have BFA / BFE? Hhmmm.

    Seems like you're missing a comma on plunder earned.... oh wait, it's ll. Lol. :)
  12. well the plot is thickening; it is now apparent that whilst the entire enemy team is dts to me, I am NOT dtw to them - they can hit me, but when I go to hit back I get "enemy is too strong" or w/e it is lol
  13. Thanks for the feedback on DTW/DTS so far. We're going to try running Lowland Wars with DTW/DTS turned off during tomorrow's war slots, so please try those out as well and share your thoughts as well.
  14. Are u gonna fix rewards so all participants get something for today then? Cuz i dont see anyone partcipating in the second war with DTS/DTW on knowing they will most likely lose due to that fact theycan get matched up with some 100mc that can hit them but they cant return on them
  15. you get rewarded ee
  16. Re: Lowland War Feedbac

    Not sure why DTW AND DTS are in this it doesn't work right at all. And why prevent those who are down from sweeping? Why does that make any sense?

  17. why would dtw/dts be on... If only the stats from LL are being used, only those stats should be used to calculate hit ranges also. Moreover, why are the huge accounts able to hit down but the smalls unable to hit up? Seems rather foolish.
  18. There is a mith glitch as well. managed to cast stat spells and they work
  19. devs this is stupid as hell; enemy team is hitting and plundering me but all are "defender is too strong" when I go to hit back???????
  20. Would be nice to see the LL stats of the enemy/our own team at least during war rather than randomly battering people and hoping it's a success :)