Lowland War Equip/Ally Bonuses Arrive Next Week!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, May 12, 2016.

  1. Damn it removed the word ****
  2. Support Shawn.

    Also, I'm still 50/50 myself on these changes, as the jump from a 9-10% BFA bonus is 1.5b in BFA in each stat.
  3. Oxymoron....
    U must be speaking of the non war typesÓźí
  4. Proof?
    Idk about these simple blanket statements

    How about ppl try it before wild & unsubstantiated predictions.
  5. This is a decent idea if and only if, it replaces the current indi wars and include mith spells too
  6. Clan wars and IWar serves all ppl.
    Idk how removing either helps anything.
  7. This is a horrible idea. Ll wars serves the purpose for mids and lbs to fight on an even playing ground. Ll builds and strats matter. Bfa bfe should not be taken into account ffs
  8. A response to this would be very ******* helpful. But unfortunately devs just dont give a ****. Fewer clans will be doing ll after this and even strength matching wont be as effective then
  9. No gaming the system as easily.
    Getting answers is not always best.
    Lets wait n see before presuming the worst.
  10. One question, is it gonna hurt small players like us who have done decently well in ll wars so far?
  11. O.....Its like SH wars all over again... Thanks Devs for ignoring everyone who hates this.
  12. Bump. How will matchups be made? According to bfe bfa strength or random? But seeing how little you guys care about wars you probably wont reply
    This is still a ridiculously stupid idea by the way grant.
  13. And of course developers ruin another aspect of the game. Congratulations.
  14. I mean lowland wars are already dead....so why not add bfe/bfa bonuses and kill them completely...

  15. Shattered sword...hmm
  16. The entire point of lowland wars was capping stats that in theory would make a war platform which would be equal for all. We all know s isnt true because devs havent done anything to stop the advantage pc users have on unloading over device players.

    That being said ...back to the whole premise of lowland wars...to he an equal ground fair format for all....

    Why ...in the holy hell would you add bfe/bfa bonuses to that?

    Literally one of the stupidest ideas you idiot canadians have ever come up with and thats saying a lot since canada is the home of ex and disgraced mod moose.
  17. If i remember well, the same reactions were heard when ll wars were introduced.Let's see how it will work and what changes it brings. Current ll wars have little surprises nowadays. Maybe we will like it.
  18. Take a pill and spare us your keyboard coward insults. Have tantrums often?

    Acting like a spoiled brat gets a deaf ear.
  19. How about adding a new IWar system...

    Institute 2 entry levels:

    Top level is for proven highly active warriors.
    Its for all builds and cs. Earn this privilege.

    Entry level for newer ppl and all those questionable warriors. Questionable as in being those who get shattered swords or low activity as in a few actions. Rid the game of moles or rogues or alts from the top level as best as possible.

    For an example my last IWAR in LB tier..
    Advantage war and orders r to dump troops and regens. 5mins into war all report status and low and behold 1 so called warrior is 80/0. That same leak ended up with 1 action. So what can we presume from that when all they did was report to cc once. Whatever that is it did make the other 13 warriors waste 2hrs of warring for fun irregardless of winning/losing. This is a prime example of why a well run LL war clan can avoid one rotten apple only there for wasting others time. IWar is fun til others r there to ruin it. As for LL Wars it offers a format for ppl wanting to war with friends. Ppl who have no interest being on an LL team always have IWar to play and do as they please.