Lowland War Equip/Ally Bonuses Arrive Next Week!

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  1. Will there be a cap to bfa % bonus or no?
  2. The amount of people who cant every read the damn thread, seriously just look at the big pretty picture!
  3. Will clans still be matched randomly or will they be match by strength to avoid allies lb stacking?
  4. Cap or not it makes no sense to me. I could be wrong, but i thought llwars were to level the playing field.

    Even at the starting 1% bonus, each bc ally owned is like having an additional building added to your lowlands. Say a player has 25 of those, they have twice the strength of a standard llbc.

    Llwar will die because of this. Bigs will take full advantage and smaller players will simply stop doing them and stick with indi where they will at least have a chance at contributing to war.
  5. that's what i mean...how many small/mid have huge bfa and decent bfe?it should put into consideration before implement it cos it bring more cons than pros...
  6. I am anxious to try it. It really doesn't matter what the devs do, people gonna gripe and complain. Additionally people will find a loophole or exploit. If it has a cap, then that levels it. Wait and see before complaining. I got your back grant...
  7. then if you want to do wars build some bfa, not to get to +10%, but 5% is doable. And this is stacked with eq, which nowadays is not impossible to get, to lower the gap percentage wise.
  8. This is stupid, you idiots
  9. I was also under the impression that the lowland wars were introduced so that all accounts, however old or new, could compete on a level playing field. BFA and BFE wasn't required, just a week of playing to get a build together and then jump in.

    Why is there now a need to introduce an element to these wars which can unbalance things? If people don't want to compete on a level then there are the indie wars.

    Seem foolish to me.
  10. Thanks for the advanced noticed ata... but i do agree with others who are worried about the imbalance this will create...perhaps you could put a max cap on eq & bfa stats to keep it a more level playing field.
  11. 10% is not a cap peeps, it's just the max bonus you will get.

    10% of 1b atk bfa = 100m atk bonus on lowland

    1% of 1b atk bfa = 10m atk bonus on lowland

    Like others said that is significantly higher than most lowland builds, and is pointless with all these massive bfa accounts today, to continue warring if you have no or little bfa.

    To those saying get bfa, that is redundant. 75% of the warring players have dumped bfa to continue building and trying to bc before something else is released.

    A true cap needs to instated that stops the amount of stats that can be added from allies especially. Something attainable by all ages and sizes or players.

    10% or 1% this leaves a huge exploitable gap in the system. It should be a stat cap not a percentage, and a low stat cap at that.

    Even a 0.25% with a max bfa cap of 3-4m cs, would be better as it could be attained by all players and takes out the possibility of any roster stacking. It is or would be close to the equivelant of someone hitting twice their size, which is done everyday on a normal basis and keeps a more level playing field as intended.
  12. The 10% is 10% of your ll stats added, so for every 1m ll status 10% is 100k cs added
  14. Same
  15. Can I just say....... LOL
  16. This will not matter, as we have seen prior. I just started warring during last event. After my 1st and only war on an alt, ge eas ranked 1800 something in the war aspect of the event.

    Thatd not a lot of people warring. In just a couple of short weeks of warring, its already the same faces I am seeing each war.

    Once this bonus is exploited by larger playerd snd small ones stop doing them, you will have the same exact matchup nearly every war.

    We have already seen this happen in the past and to ignore it is simply ignorant.
  17. Also I am not clear on the current bonuses.

    ATA is saying here they arent active but have told many they are.

    I have a 19/0/1/4 war build and in last nights war i was losing attacks from full against a target of 13/2/3/6. In fact most of the clan i warred with had the samw build and we all lost atks on this targets like crazy.

    If what you say abouy bonuses not being active is true, then you lot have a seriously broken system. With no bonuses added to llwar it is nearly impossible mathamatically to go 0 and 4 like explained above.
  18. A response would be great on how they are going to combat the issues brought up.
  19. Guys if bfa/bfe counts then it will be unfair for those who have low equips,coz all huge players will always win coz of huge bfe/bfa 

  20. This. This is so wrong. At my size, full spells and battle cry, with max xstals i make less than a bc player running full xstals. Basically hit for hit, even with bonus spells running, i cant come close to maximazing the gold flow of bigger accounts.

    Furthermore, this creates a quagmire. Stopping growth to focus on bfa while at the same time new lands and builds mean bfa and the price of it will soon be on the rise meaning growing your account will be the only way to afford big enough allies to make an impact on bfa.