Lowering medallion requirement for season 5 rewards

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  1. The title basically says it all... After almost ten days into season 5 with 20 Togo the #100 player has 20 medallions. Originally I thought I wanted to try for 100, for that insane banner! There's no way that will happen. At this rate only a select few will reach the top tier, not even all of the top 100 players will reach it. I'm just saying we should cut in half the medallion requirement or something...
  2. Is this a troll lmao it hasn't been 10 days 
  3. 4-5 days?
  4. 100 will be obtainable when you can get 6 per war. Im 5-4 this season and i have 23. And its not even a week into event.
  5. He comes from the future bearing a message!!! :eek:
  6. Today is the end of the 3rd day lmao
  7. What day is it again? 
  8. Support!

    The current war slots are very bad for me..

    Can only do 1 war per day..
    Lost 2 wars..Won 2
    No way i will even reach 50 medallions even if i war everyday

    And Yes I am Just a Average warrior who cant Come in top 3 in actions, plunders or kos

    But still is 50 medallions too high to aim for ?

    Please Either introduce more time slots or Lower the requirements..

    #DoneCrying :'(
  9. But.... thats why its called top 10.
  10. 100 is gonna be pretty easy to get, 3 days have gone so far and I'm on 84... Just put the effort in and you'll get there - remember, rewards are tiered for a reason, not everyone is meant to get the top rewards.
  11. No need to lower reward tiers, just add more times!
  12. Easier for sh like u Tom. No one in your tier attacks u as u pay peanuts. If you had a similar cs build to those u are warring you wouldn't have 84. Fact. All sh are noobs
  13. Or extend the season by 2 months
  14. not noobs. Just asses
  15. I'm tired of being placed in a tier where everyone is 10m higher in cs than I am
  16. Exactly. Top 10 will only be accounts with huge BFA/BFE who dropped build to pay crap and make great plunder off noobs.
    Not really ingenious.
  17. Cortana - 2 year badge and 8m cs and you're going on about drop builds? idiot much?
  18. Some people are just so ungrateful and disgusting
  19. Actually he pays pretty good