Low Land Questions for Kaw_Community

Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by TUR-Alan-TLE, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. I mean LL are cheap enough, 11 bil to put a coe down and you're fine!

  2. They said all wars. Not just Indi.

    I would still like to see some experimentation with time slots. Just because they were the best times two years ago doesn't mean they are now
  3. so why the hell even build these expensive towers, on abyss if Only lands that countvare the LL, No support what so ever...please continue to ruin this game...


    Stop messing with the dam Beta fish...
  4. Obviously. BUT not all tiers will have 11B Disposable income.
  5. Ofcourse they don't karma..

    But it's a lot easier than them having 500 b disposable income.

    Let's face it, an account that doesn't have that isn't going to have enough pots to war anyway. It's still the cheapest way they could do it
  6. well at least KAW Answered my OP Question about only LLwars.. ty for an answer KAW
  7. So are we getting indi versions of these LL wars then for beta? I'd like to be able to still do reg indi while these betas go on. Jus drop out primals for beta war slots
  8. I bet they hadn't thought of leaving indi wars in place and making the testing LL indi wars and LL round/primal wars. Doing thos would likely give them even better and more accurate information. If they did think of it they likely decided against due to the amount of changes it would require being more than they want to make.

    I know i fully support this first step in improving wars, i have already changed my LL build. :D
  9. Read the original post, this is just their testing phase and they said they will look into adding HL wars and so on but only if they have enough success with this testing.
  10. If they are big enough to have all spy on LL then they can very likely and easily get enough gold to build some attack buildings IF they even want to do that. Devs are not going to make everyone happy nor be able to meet everyone's demands or desires but i think this is a dang good start that will include the biggest crowd possible.
  11. incorporating LL wars into the cycle would be interesting. it would incorporate strategy and people can't complain about unfair match ups
  12. In the beginning, will there be Low Land Individual Wars?
  13. No its beta test for clan wars.
    Read the devs forum k
  14. It seems to me that their is a plot or method to kaw including low land wars as players have dropped equipment before war to make the match up easier for them to win and gain a upper hand we will see how this pans out in the long runÓźí