Low Land Questions for Kaw_Community

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  1. I Read the forum on new wars and my question could not be answered due to kaw_Community ending the thread?? my question comes from the 2nd to last Kaw_Community response!

    I will quote from the thread: "exact details are still TBD, however the current plan is that during the beta testing period all wars will be of this new Low Land variety. you won't need explicitly opt-in, as we'll be having all players who war testing it out. Again, more details will be made available as we're closer to testing.

    So as I read this Kaw_Community response I saw it as no more Indi's just the beta test wars are available? Kaw_Community I want to enjoy the LL wars, but still like Indi's. so please respond to my thread
  2. Wouldnt call this a question, more of a suggestion lol, but i think indis have played a role in the downfall of the amount ig participants in ee. And the primal matchups are pretty bad. Think we will be better without indis tbh
  3. Good point, I just want to know if it's just low land wars, or are others staying too?
  4. Good question, it sounds like they'll include these beta wars into the current rotation, replacing some current formats.

    Kaw_whichever; why not think about releasing a beta set of "war lands" that are only used for these wars? They could all be one set level (to combat possible exploits with building levels) and require war tokens or some garbage to build? Everyone starts with 25 tokens and you can earn/purchase (gold) tokens if you wish to rebuild. Seems a beta would benefit more from a clean slate to work with for adjustments and etc.
  5. War Lands. I like that idea ?
  6. Sorry, I'm not much of a "warrer". Are you asking if all wars are to be replaced with LL wars or just a certain type?
  7. They better not take away indi forever. I'm in the final stages of adding my towers IN THE ABYSS LANDS. I like this ll war idea but only if it's an option along with indi.. I'll be a ps in ll wars as it stands now. This should be interesting
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    Was posted on the other thread. Kaw community replied they would discuss with developers and was a good idea.
  9. Was also addressed in other thread. Indy will stay just where it is.
  10. I didn't see that, this thread just scared me. Thanks for putting my mind as ease lol
  11. Thanks, I'd be more inclined to read a 36 page thread if 80% of it wasn't whining, off topic, or QQ trains.
  12. Yeah, support war lands with build tokens, so you can build like ps, ps1 , hybrid or whatever you want in some wars and help to new warriors to chose their kind of build
  13. This.
  14. They said on that thread Indi won't change.
  15. Don't build a ps1 just buy one they are cheap.
  16. To answer OP's question, during the testing phase we'll likely be replacing all wars with these Lowland Wars so that we can have the most in-depth testing possible. This doesn't mean that we're taking Individual Wars away for good though. Just that using those time slots during testing will ensure we get the most in-depth testing possible.

  17. So if u have no attk buildings on lowlands even hansels become forced pure spies unless we scrap a building for an attk?
  19. Boo
  20. Why get rid of indi over primal lol that one is even more dead