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  1. I just found a poem I wrote a decade ago, tho it feels like much longer. Here it is:

    When the pain fades away,
    and the darkness turns to black,
    I'll find a way to save you,
    from all the palace secrets.
    And no matter what happens,
    I will always remember.
    Remember how long you'll love me.
    Forever and ever.

    But then I hurt you,
    and your soul disappeared,
    and I was so lonely,
    so scared, full of fear.
    And the fear turns to tears,
    when I remember.
    Remember how long you'll hurt.
    Forever and ever.

    I stole your heart back,
    all of the pieces.
    And i told myself, this time will be different.
    But I hurt you again,
    And now i will always remember.
    Remember the pain, the tear-filled nights,
    hoping you would walk back into my life.
    I'll remember the lonely days,
    and the singled-sided fights.
    But most of all,
    I will remember.
    Remember how long you'll hate me.
    Forever. And ever.

    Just a reminder: I have been workshopping your poems, but please don’t hesitate to workshop mine. This is a forum, your opinion matters too. I’m not the queen of poems, my word is not law.
  2. This is called

    Bonnie and Clyde

    I need you baby,
    right by my side.
    You are my Bonnie,
    i am your Clyde
    Our love so true, its never lied.
    Its you and me forever,
    together we ride.
    As we flirt with the Devil
    on loves dark side.

    So follow me baby,
    ill be your guide.
    As we court with the Devil,
    on loves dark side.
    Intoxicating passion,
    that cant be denied.
    Two bodies burning,
    with nothing to hide.
    We're not Romeo and Juliet,
    Baby, we're Bonnie and Clyde.

    So let us now dance with the devil,
    Wild and free.
    Our love on display,
    for the world to see.
    Lets us take this trip together,
    Through loves depths and complexities.
    Is this Fate? Or Manifest Destiny?
    Regardless, its an unrivaled love,
    That strikes chordes of untold jealousy.
    For the man that i am
    when i am with you
    Is all that i wish to be.
    Will we ride or die together until the end?
    Yes baby, it will forever be just you and me.
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