Lots of fun with puns

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  1. Please don't ban me Miles!.. I mentioned you like twice.. Cos ur my fav.. 
  2. Why does the mod have to have such a dead cold sense of humor? None of these puns APEpeal to our predecessor evolution?
  3. If you monkeys ban us then you are going to bed without any BANanas!

  4. All these ban hammers and you still won't nail me...
  5. I enjoy this thread, it's pretty punny that this got the Dev's attention. They must be going bananas!
  6. If Trump is elected, there'll be hell toupee.

    Anyone need an ark? I noah guy.

    I started gardening today, it's really growing on me.

    I know these puns are cheesy, but I feel grate.
  7. ful

    But who knew how pun-ful it would be
    The constant puns are filling me with dread

  8. Seriously though, these are amazing. Such comedy in the face of bloody battlefield carnage!
  9. Rubber or otherwise?

  10. Catnado Eb confirmed?

    Kanye west faces a Kanye quest
    Tomorrow he faces a Kayne test to fight the kanye jest
    To be his Kanye best He takes a Kanye rest in the kanye nest
    At his Kanye best He has a lot of kanye zest

  11. Puns...the humour of the kawmmon man XD
  12. lmao nice one