Loss of one of the Aqua/Inferno event bonuses

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  1. So, it seems that when i got the plunder bonus from my pvp participation that one of my event bonuses was removed. I had 10% x2 from the aqaua inferno event, and the pvp bonus is 5% for the levels that i achieved. I now only have 1 10% bonus, and one 5% bonus. Please fix this devs. I spent a lot of time and money getting these bonuses, and I am not happy that i have lost a few days of the 10% bonus. I have been very active over the last few days and would really like to get the gold that i should have gotten for my eb participation. Also i would like the plunder bonus back, asap.
  2. I CAN NOT HELP YOU ....Email Suppprt

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  3. Email the devs support@athinkingape.com with your name, game and issue. If it has disappeared and not just run out then we can't help you here. Need to contact the devs.
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  5. Were the bonuses from the prima token event ? Cause if so they should have just ran out of time.
  6. How long was the plunder bonus to last for, and when did the event finish? That will help me determin if it disappeared or ran out. but given the amount of time left on the one remaining it disappeared.
  7. Email da s'port
  8. I think they last for a week.
  9. One of mine disappeared to. Had 2x 5% bonuses, now ones gone, and Still have 140 hours left on the other. Odd.
  10. My plunder bonuses from the aqua/inferno event ran out today and I claimed them late so it's pretty safe to say they just ran out.
  11. still have 141hours on one while the other expired -.-
  12. Both of mine are gone.

    Devs didn't like that 900b UG everyday stint I guess.

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  13. 1/1
  14. I got 118 hours left on one. And lost the other. Lololol
  15. The one you still have is probably from the PvP Blitz! :)
  16. Missing one here as well.... Should have two.. Oh well, it's not like anyone noticed or anything
  17. nope, still got that one
  18. yeah i've got 139+ hrs on mine & should have another but its gone now too & didn't do the pvp blitz either
  19. 10% plunder bonus? Oh well that's 10%... that's like nothing