Lose a clan in 30 days

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  1. Lose a clan in 30 days

    To begin, I'd like to say this is the most fun I've had in KaW for a while and to continue, will have for a while.

    Today, sparks the ~23rd day of the revival of Pure Evil and its because of this monumentos occasion that I've decided to create this thread.

    Pure Evil, a clan recently revived has started OSW and like usual we have our key players.

    Our most popular forum presences: Dragon-Code and Nerds Play KaW (NKP)

    These fellows have opened pandora's box by challenging The Foxes Den to osw. This wasn't the smartest move because of several nuances that even I haven't uncovered. But it's because of these nuances that I have sprung out of retirement and returned to activity (somewhat)

    So a brief history of Pure Evil's recent Forum appearances.

    The same day of Pure Evil's recruitment thread appearing in forums is also the same day they received a CF request from a clan called STORM CHASERS.

    Perhaps a pride before the fall scenario but it's this pig-headedness that brought about the lightning (weather reference) that would appear during their celebratory parties after a BIG win.

    Anyway, before you ask... Yes, Storm chasers is alive and well and thriving in that they are doing higher than T3 eb's. Something Pure Evil currently are incapable of.

    Back to the main discussion, a win for Pure Evil begets the eventual end. A week after this CF, they challenged The Foxes Den with a thread. What is this thread you ask? Here it is, Link

    It's within this thread, the lesser issue shifts into the mess it currently is.

    Receiving inc, returning inc with a clan that has just recently appeared and with one win under their belt.

    Where does this go next? I wonder but one thing I do know for certain, I'm quite excited to find out.

  2. Give it to em, Kas.
  3. Hahaha So all of your main Den members just moved to Foxes main. And that's a win for you? Den is dying. A little history for you genius. We opened The Pines a year ago. We Were 4-0 against clans that actually hit back. Then a month ago we relocated to Pure Evil. Soooo. Keep running your statless mouth about how you guys are winning against maybe 8 ppl. Then see that we already destroyed your sub.
  4. Pure evil was the foot rp clan right? Definitely not a war clan.
  6. ebs beware
  7. It's funny, the owner of Pure Evil finally reveals themself. It's great hearing from you again. But this thread isn't about winners and losers and the only win I mentioned is for your clan.
    I'd like to congratulate you on your previous osw victories but I want to be clear, you aren't in The Pines right now. This isn't a year ago.

    But I am sorry to hear about The Pines, maybe after this is done... You could try reviving that

    edit:Say hi to NKP for me ;)
  8. Yes. Den seems to have their ducks in a row. So ty for clarifing how much we are not winning the osw
  9. First of all, that image looks really blurry. That makes me question its validity but let's say it is real.

    All it shows is that a leader of Foxes puts his clan before himself.

    He didn't ceasefire, this doesn't change anything.
  10. R u jost gona take that kasama?
  11. Kasama is basicaly telling u hes not gonna do anythin u tellhim to dragon. So kasama is basicaly tellin u guys u a bonch of chumps. R u gonna let it eslide dragon?
  12. You guys are trying harder to convince everyone that you're not losing than you are in the actual osw it's cute. Keep following the kaw osw handbook. you haven't missed a step yet. Lol
  13. cant lie PURE EVIL has clearly won here. the whinging shows it, and i cant imagine Foxes hit back either. Just my opinion anyway
  14. Pure evil... what to say about them. Laughable? Cute? Outdated? Future ally of NAL? Both are the same kinda trash, could almost mistake them for NALs little brother
  15. Lets all level for a second, everyone in the osw knows who is winning the osw. Thats all that matters
  16. I love you all  but this is cute as hell  Shhh, foxes, back to your den
  17. And that's why you cant stop from commenting right? You're added to my squishy list with sinan and foxes.
  18. Yay an appreciation thread! so sweet of you kasama :D you left out a few things about hmmm idk the death of your sub clan? not that it really matters. Nothing impressive about taking out those eb fairy furries. Now we get to hit you furries in the main clan :D will be cool to see a clan so presteige it has an extended member limit fall to a clan younger and smaller than my pinky toe