Looking For Volunteer to Create Ally Value Guide

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Imitation-Cheese, Jan 22, 2014.

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  1. Hello, forumers, trolls, flamers, and lurkers!

    I'm putting together a new FAQ. But I need help!

    I'm not an ally trader. And while Mango's Ally Trading Guide is an excellent resource for budding ally traders, it doesn't give any up-to-date specifics regarding ally values that are considered good by current standards.

    So I come to you for help. This is no small task, and whoever does make this guide must assume a big responsibility! I can't guarantee that your guide will be stickied, but that doesn't mean it won't be useful! The KaWmmunity needs you!

    So, if you're feeling up to the task, here's what you'll need to do. The person who makes the guide must be willing and able to:

    • Create a well-written and well-organized guide to fair ally market prices.
    • Be willing to update this guide quarterly (once every 3 months).
    • Be able to access their account via PC - this is necessary to be able to edit your guide as the ally market changes.
    • Be a well-seasoned ally trader

    I know it's a tall order, and I'm asking a LOT! But I know you're out there somewhere! If this person isn't a regular forumer, please post their names here, so I can hunt them down and grovel at their feet to make the guide. :lol:

    TL;DR - [​IMG]
  2. I wish that i could do any of those things :lol:
  3. I'd say get several traders. Not all traders selling 1t allies know what a good 10-100b ally is. Let them collaborate and make a good guide
  4. That's actually a REALLY good idea.
  5. Np Gl! Would love to help but I don't think I have enough experience yet.
  6. Well, very interesting request but certainly a very complex task.

    Mango explicitly omits to give any hard figure guidance in her thread as values are very volatile. It can be compared to trading on the stock exchange. Tons of factors come into play and the one being able to analyse them correctly will be successful as ally trader. In fact, she does enumerate a few of those factors. Defiant had a very good thread about it once too.

    Of course, one can give rough estimates for what one personally would buy (or not), but it usually only covers a narrow field of the market. People new to trading will have to look for other allies as established LB traders with connections and (almost) unlimited cash funds. Some focus on 20b, 100b, or 500b allies, HFBC allies, active/inactive, propack allies, and so on. A serious guide therefore will have to take into account the experience of quite a few traders and might be difficult to keep up to date.

    Another point you'll have to consider is: do you think that a successful ally trader will give you the exact data he uses to make his decisions? I honestly doubt that someone will reveal all secrets without at least remaining a bit vague about exact figures.
  7. And I was working on a new FAQ. Cheater. :(
  8. You can't create a guide to price because economy always changing. Events like new upgrades or massive strip wars can deflate prices. While steady inflation occurs most of the time. A good ally trader can give you the current multiples, but those can change every few days in a high inflation market (which we are currently in).
    The best advice I can give is to focus on active allies that are growing. A shadow hansel is generally a bad buy because he may consider the build bc, as are ATM alts, and other builds unlikely to grow. In the current market you can try to get 2m cs per 100b price, but there are so many other factors to consider such as pro pack, clan mbership, type and purpose of account, represented sex, player intelligence, player mindset, it goes on n on.
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