looking for a Life partner

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Chocolate2, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Hello, due to the recent rise in kaw relationships, I would like to find the "one" for me:)


    I'm a fun loving interesting attractive male, I can wc Low land wars, I can track, and I can set up wars, I got a lot of haters, I'm clean and you must be too.

    If anyone is interested please contact me in the comments section:) thank you.
  2. By now we all know you're gay. It's okay, there's plenty of male partners out there for you, maybe. Don't think they're sitting around waiting for you though
  3. Try milk, chocolate.
  4. I volunteer as tribute!
  5. You should offer the moderator some mint chocolate or some almond Hershey bars. That will get you a soul partner
  6. Sounds like a good plan
  7. Guffaw. Quality pinnable thread.

    Surely op can find an app for this activity? Is this not the 21st century

    Where's a forum mod when needed....

    Oh! Its minty choc. When EB guide update due? anytime soon? Or just after finish sorting the overwhelming response to this 'greet me, seed me' ad. And cut that hair!
  8. Give me yo toes and i'll be yours forever
  9. Do you accept those who identify as potatoes?
  10. You should know, this isn't the mod. Takes 3 seconds to look at a profile
  11. Or to look at the color of someone's name.
  12. I do not wish to be a life partner but goidluck in finding one ^_^
  13. Big Tanner, Lili said she wants you to be her Daddy!