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  1. Nah. Im not only mel but alpha mel
  2. Cheap mail order bride calling someone trash. :lol: adorable.
  3. My favourite egg <3
  4. Pot kettle black double standards hypercrite.The oddball can't even insult you Lili when she moved from one country to another and got married .
  5. Sounds like some jealousy in there roni. sorry ur lonely
  6. All the dumb kaw girls be jealous of my mad kaw skills and adorableness.
  7. All russian guys are hackers and all russian girls are cheap mail order brides :roll: get outta here ignoramus
  8. Soooo whats the point or what u dork
  9. Roni, out of nowhere decides to talk crap about me in wc (when I'm not present) and then subsequently calls me out for using other people to get noticed. Both you and your Salty alt are pathetic Roni.
  10. You admitted it when you was in SoS. Weird that you're married but send certain pictures out hmmm.. Pancake pictures :lol:
  11. “When I’m not present”~ Valky

    Pffffffffffff bahahahahaha come on now

    We ol no ur on 24/7 rottin in ur 9 alts
  12. *4/5 7
  13. It never happened :roll: but no wonder a door bell like u believes it. Savage was the one who came up with the whole "mail order bride" thing, was funny. Even here u only feed on left overs, fatty
  14. The only people who call me fat have either been obese themselves or flat ugly pancake butts like you lili :lol: you're so jealous it's cute.
  15. Close ups can't hide the rolls no more #doublechins
  16. So jealous it hurts huh? ;)
    Are you big mad or little mad eh pancake?
  17. So, what does personal appearance have to do with anything? Ridiculous. I haven't seen lili so I can't judge, not that I would anyways, and who cares if typh has a double chin, she's still beautiful. Fat people can still be pretty. NICE PEOPLE IN GENERAL are always the most beautiful. Try being decent human beings. Like, what the fudge is going on in your peoples lives that THIS ish is fun for you? Does tearing down another human fill an empty spot inside you? Maybe, just maybe, it's time for some intense introspection. Yeah yeah it's War game blah blah. Destroy kingdoms, not people.
  18. I always figured Typhoid was a lil' pudgy given her overcompensation
  19. Funny how the change of heart came hours after you woke up with no allies left. Coincidence, I think not.
  20. What change of heart? I always feel like this. Oh noes. Not all my allies. I get stripped at the time bruv. What does that have to do with personal appearance? You attacked my kingdom. Cool.
    I'm talking about girls being witches to each other about their faces and bodies.
    Think your points been made moot, kiddo.
    Furthermore, you dork, I was awake and chatting when you bought my allies and you know it lol.