Look what I found

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  1. There I was minding my own business, getting out of the shower and checking kaw for messages, when suddenly.. A WILD RONI APPEARS

    I'm still waiting on confirmation if this is the same Roni who started a fight she couldn't win last week and proceeded to play dead for a while.
  2. She/he/it thinks we’re the same person
  3. Omgggg who caresssss. Shut yer butt already mate.
  4. Roni is a dude
  5. Roni thinks everyone has a kaw doppelganger. We're just one big collective.
  6. I don’t like to judge or discriminate

    Also, roni has a chicks name, cries like a chick but has it’s male alt salty soooooo it seems rather fitting
  7. Roni is a legend. What are u again?
  8. Mentally stable
  9. everything u desire to be
  10. Legends never die. Roni is essentially dead what a bum
  11. Ur aspirations must be as low as ur iq
  12. Pot kettle black
  13. Finger in every pie :roll:
  14. Whos this rogue shifter?
  15. Ew no lili, I'm not interested in you and I especially do not want to go near your flabby pie. Besides I'm married and have standards.
  16. Is this a real beef find out next week when people try to care!!
  17. Sorry gayphoid, i am not interesred
  18. Noob. Get off my turf.
  19. Just passing through :lol: u can keep ur trash
  20. Jost like u think roni an i is the same person